Scope helps flesh out the details behind your question.

Uses of the method

  • To consider what is known and unknown and how to fill the gaps


  • To ensure clarity when starting to answer a question


  • None

Steps to complete

  • Complete the template ensuring you have a coherent requirements list before you start answering a question.
  • We recommend you buy and read the book below by John W. Creswell to help you plan your project. It is a definitive guide to properly conducting professional research.
  • Update the template as you learn more and modify your project plan as necessary.
  • Ensure you know how to overcome roadblocks and ethical issues that may arise as you proceed.
  • Finish by noting your next steps. Next steps could include a further round of iteration, a recommendation on how to get the answers or use of other research and methods such as 'Starburst' to create more vantage points on the issue.

This method and your response can be shared with other members or kept private using the 'Privacy' field and through the 'Tag', 'Report' and 'Forum' functionalities. Use 'Tag' and/or 'Report' to aggregate your analyzes, or add a 'Forum' to ask others where they agree/disagree and encourage them to make their own analysis from their unique vantage point.

Click the 'Invite tab to send invitations to other members or non-members (colleagues, external experts etc.) to ask for their input. You can whether or not you want anonymous responses.  These can be viewed and exported within the Responses tab.

Further reference
Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches, John W. Creswell, 2002

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