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The Quiet Revolution - Handcrafting meets Technology

In an era of mass production, a subtle yet powerful trend emerges, encompassing the reverence for handcrafted goods...
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Latest Horizon Scan

The Renaissance of Artisanal Skills in a High-Tech Era

Amidst rapid technological advancements, a quiet yet significant renaissance is emerging—one that could see traditional craftsmanship claim its...
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Latest Horizon Scan

Privacy as a Currency in a Transparent World

The modern zeitgeist favors transparency and interconnectedness, yet a counter-trend emphasizing privacy and seclusion is emerging, set to...
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Wellness Tourism - Next Level: Personalized Health-Conscious Destination Experiences

Traditionally, wellness tourism has been associated with destinations offering spa treatments, holistic therapies, and nature immersion experiences. However,...
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mRNA Cancer Vaccines in Personalized Oncology Treatments

Curing cancer - The landscape of oncological treatment is undergoing a subtle yet significant transformation with the prospect...
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Horizon Scanning | Scenario Planning | Strategic Intelligence

Shaping Tomorrow is a unique AI-driven continuous horizon scanning and foresight service that provides organizations with strategic intelligence to inform policy, act on opportunities, mitigate threats and become more resilient to emerging change.

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Foresight Explained

Horizon Scanning

Horizon scanning is a technique used to spot emerging trends, weak signals of change and wild cards. The results are often key to developing robust strategie and appropriate responses. We continuously scan ~100,000 reputable sources to find evidence of impending change which is instantly and automatically collated as summaries and visual dashboards.

Scenario Planning

In a rapidly changing world, organizations undertake scenario planning to manage uncertainty and build confidence as part of their efforts to become resilient. By examining a variety of different scenarios and choosing which to use to make your assumptions about the future, you can overcome challenges and be in the best position to exploit opportunities.

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence provides insight to make sense of external forces that are causing the widespread and disruptive changes we are witnessing. It provides context and is used to help prevent organizations becoming blind-sided as a result of short-term thinking. The service enables medium and longer term planning and hence enhanced resilience to emerging change.