Our Powerful Platform Tools

We utilize a unique collective intelligence approach using both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) to provide breadth of knowledge, speed, and collaborative thinking. Our AI, named Athena, continuously scans over 80,000 reputable internet and social media sources hunting for, and extracting evidence of emerging trends and developments in your specific areas of interest. AI dramatically reduces project costs and increases strategic thinking time.


What can we do here?
  • Scan any topic
  • Investigate weak signals & new trends
  • Identify emerging technologies
  • Explore topics using interactive visual causal maps
  • Assess readiness across multiple domains
  • Explore possible ways forward
  • Create shallow-dive reports
How do I do that?
  • Extract emerging trends & technologies identifying the impact, likelihood, timeframe, maturity, priority & TRL
  • Publish detailed futures reports which included SO WHAT? for PESTLE, SWOT & Scenario Planning
  • Model using a series of dynamic issue trees exploring the future visually
  • Easily see your readiness rankings for a trend or technology
What are the benefits?
  • It's fast
  • Agility & resilience to emerging change
  • Informed decision making
  • Increased business performance
  • Foster and strengthen innovation & creativity
  • Develop future leads

Robust strategic foresight choices, policy and strategy briefs that used to take weeks, months or even years, can now be created by, or for, decision-makers extremely rapidly.

Athena produces summaries and visualizations of possible future outcomes instantly in dashboard, slide presentation and Excel format allowing easy distribution and sharing. These findings can be used immediately or reviewed with our specialist team who have long standing experience of writing futures briefs, conducting research and deep-dives, and running participatory workshops to help you work out the 'so what?'

Shaping Tomorrow identifies and discovers the trends and issues facing companies, government and the not-for-profit sector and works across all planning and forecasting horizons, from near-term to very long-term. We typically work with those with responsibility for strategy, planning, change, transformation, foresight, futures studies, horizon scanning, early warning, trend-watching and emerging technology monitoring. Core areas we cover include financial services, manufacturing, defence & security, automotive, technology, utilities, and transport.