About Shaping Tomorrow

Shaping Tomorrow was established in 2002, is headquartered in the UK and operates globally; across all continents and in more than 30 countries.

In the last 3 years, we have received 9 unsolicited awards including 'Global Knowledge Platform', '30 Fabulous Companies of the Year' award, a 'Technology Innovator Award' and a 'International Gamechanger of the Year' award.

Today, Shaping Tomorrow serves more than 20,000 members and partners in their quest to inform their strategy and in so doing, make better decisions for tomorrow.  

Project Management and Continuous Development

Our online service is easy to use. with a built-in project management process which allows you to effectively tailor your specific brief and conduct deep dives. For more in-depth human research requirements, we operate to Prince 2.0 standards and develop SMART objectives and milestones with you.

Project risks are minimal and limited to the availability of the system and our research team. In the past year, our system uptime has been over 99.9%. 
Shaping Tomorrow is a leading innovator in delivering strategic foresight. We pride ourselves on ultra-fast development and delivery of outstanding results. We typically make about 8 significant software upgrades per year that include method upgrades and new techniques suggested through feedback from our partners, clients, and members.

Our Values

Our values are our guiding principles; they let our customers know what we're about and what to expect from us. They help shape our culture, guide how we behave, and help to set us apart from the competition. Most importantly, our values underpin how we drive our success and deliver the service our customers deserve.
At Shaping Tomorrow, we are all about being…

  • Pioneering – We are constantly looking for new ideas and pushing boundaries  
  • Customer First – We treat our customers the way we want to be treated
  • Streamlined – We do more with less and focus on ease whilst maintaining high standards 
  • Making a difference – We seek to create positive impact
  • Passionate – We take pride in our work and never settle for anything but the best

Our Leadership Team

Our team has extensive experience of delivering foresight projects. Many hold doctorate-level academic and professional foresight qualifications and have science and socio-economic backgrounds. The team consists of a special combination of experts in futures studies together with AI and IT service developers plus training providers and facilitators around the world…