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Please give us your view on how we are doing below. We want to raise our current 95%+ satisfaction rate still further. (Amazon comparator: 90% - 2016)

  • "Your new site looks great"
    Chris Creighton Thomas, Roadmapping Technology, UK
  • "New Site Looks Great and Speed has picked up quite a bit. Really Well Done."
  • "Hugely impressed"
    John Ratcliffe, UK
  • "Very good. Not only does it look great, but the user experience redesign has radically improved the intuitiveness, usability and accessibility. I am looking forward to sparking re-engagement within our community"
    Shawn Day, Royal Irish Academy, Ireland
  • "When you really get into it, explore their site, and see all of the valuable information in their database, you'll see that Shaping Tomorrow's website is truly a gift to humanity."
    Joyce L. Gioia-Herman, The Herman Group, USA
  • "Not sure if anyone ever thanks you for your [private client newsletters], but “Thank you!” I very much look forward to receiving the newsletter and trying to keep up with what is happening “out there”, and realise what a lot of work they are to put together. Great job!"
    Rupert Woods, DAFF, Australia
  • "Just wanted to note my thoroughly impressed and celebratory reaction to seeing your continued progress with Shaping Tomorrow, through thick and thin!"
  • "Your custom newsletter bulletins on the future of Animal Heath are great"
  • "I am a fond reader of your newsletter and often refer my clients to your website"
    Silkede Wilde, Netherlands
  • "I'm looking to establish a strategic foresight consultancy in South Africa in December, 2013. I have used your valuable resources before in my research and would be happy to associate with you by: a) Recommending you b) Being your representative in South Africa c) Joining your research team d) Publishing my work on ST e) Using your private service as part of our offer to clients. Where do I start? {Thank you, Lovemore. Please Skype us at shapingtomorrow for an initial discussion]"