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  • "Site looks great - very clean visually"
    Wendy Schultz, Infinite Futures, UK
  • "Congratulations on the updated eNewsletter format. It's attractive, clear and readable. Glad to help contribute to what you're building!"
  • "I like! - Clarity + structure r most relevant in complex fields. Thx4 relaunch!"
    Willi Schroll, Z-Punkt, Germany
  • "Your new site looks great"
    Chris Creighton Thomas, Roadmapping Technology, UK
  • "New Site Looks Great and Speed has picked up quite a bit. Really Well Done."
  • "Hugely impressed"
    John Ratcliffe, UK
  • "Very good. Not only does it look great, but the user experience redesign has radically improved the intuitiveness, usability and accessibility. I am looking forward to sparking re-engagement within our community"
    Shawn Day, Royal Irish Academy, Ireland
  • "When you really get into it, explore their site, and see all of the valuable information in their database, you'll see that Shaping Tomorrow's website is truly a gift to humanity."
    Joyce L. Gioia-Herman, The Herman Group, USA
  • "Not sure if anyone ever thanks you for your [private client newsletters], but “Thank you!” I very much look forward to receiving the newsletter and trying to keep up with what is happening “out there”, and realise what a lot of work they are to put together. Great job!"
    Rupert Woods, DAFF, Australia
  • "Just wanted to note my thoroughly impressed and celebratory reaction to seeing your continued progress with Shaping Tomorrow, through thick and thin!"