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  • "Shaping Tomorrow is a real asset in helping develop foresight and agility - two indispensable strategic competencies in today's VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world."
    Gaurav Bhalla, Knowledge Kinetics, India
  • "Tools such as Shaping Tomorrow are an invaluable mechanism to identify new trends and reflect how one can take advantage of new opportunities. I use all the time! A great and cost effective resource."
    Leah Soroka, Canada
  • "Shaping Tomorrow is a wonderful source of leading edge thinking and foresight focused sources. There is nothing else quite like it 'out there'."
    Ian Ivey, Strive Partnership, New Zealand
  • "Shaping Tomorrow is one of my preferred tools to foresee."
    Armando Stavole, Italy
  • "Shaping Tomorrow has cleverly adopted an automated horizon scanning engine to search for and to consolidate information from multiple sources of information, which is able to provide a form of forecast of the future in various domains such as political, social, economic, educational and in business. Organizations using Shaping Tomorrow's AI will have an advantage in their forward planning as the insights provided by the AI engine will be able to help organizations prepare better forecasts, thereby improving their operational and business strategies, and to put in place policies which are forward-looking."
    Poh S. Lim, Minuteman Resources Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • "Shaping Tomorrow is an island of excellence and I am glad to be part of it."
  • "Shaping Tomorrow is an innovative strategic organisation which is well known to many futurists worldwide. They work tirelessly to help create better futures for us all."
    Marcus Anthony, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, China
  • "Shaping Tomorrow was the first on a large scale to organize foresight practitioners worldwide onto one platform which is the equivalent of herding cats! Not only have they been successful in advising organizations with this collective foresight knowledge but they continue to evolve this collective knowledge in practical and pragmatic and innovative endeavors."
    Terry Collins, Integral Futures, USA
  • "The development of the consulting and management firm, Shaping Tomorrow stands out in the foresight and planning area as a unique opportunity for public and private sector companies, governments and similar organizations to look critically at their current and future directions in a rapidly changing world moved by the increasing access of ICT's globally."
  • "The process of future scanning and strategy development is very useful. I will take elements of the processes I learned over two days with Shaping Tomorrow back with me to my activities and work at Royal Holloway, it will definitely help me in the future."
    Stewart Boogert