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  • "I actually find the site really easy to use. I've been playing with it, and am happy enough that I can find my way around and do what I need to do. No need for a demo."
    Maree Conway, Ministry of National Development, Australia
  • "Congrats for the new design!"
    Christopher H Cordey,, Switzerland
  • "Congratulations! The new website looks great!! Fantastic improvement."
  • "Pay-As-You-Go service is a good idea and also the new web design works really well. It has a modern look and is more functional than the old one."
  • "The Extractor is impressive"
  • "As an old and fervent reader and user of Shaping Tomorrow's resources, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn"
    Cosmina Coman, LearningPro, Romania
  • "The new web site looks great and works seamlessly- visually attractive and quite intuitive. Shows lots of thought and hard work"
    Ted Gordon, Millennium Project, USA
  • "Love the changes! The social media has improved dramatically too. Kudos"
    Christy Johnson, Society of Mind Brain Sciences, USA
  • "Excellent web site and very easy to navigate. Well done. Wishing you continued success"
    Babette Bensoussan, MindShifts Group, Australia
  • "Well done. Excellent web site and very easy to navigate. Wishing you continued success"
    Gillian McFadzean, UK Innovation Forum, UK