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Please give us your view on how we are doing below. We want to raise our current 95%+ satisfaction rate still further. (Amazon comparator: 83% - 2019)

  • "Topical and Insightful."
    Mohan Krishna Tikku, Centre for Future Studies, USA
  • "Thinking about the future would be difficult without Shaping Tomorrow!"
    Wendell Bell, Yale University, USA
  • "Thanks for taking leadership with this AI approach. Like the futures leader you are, you're giving us a look at how it can work when brought to scale in revealing and helping us further understand future forces. I am watching and learning with interest."
    Gary Marx, Gary Marx CPO, USA
  • "Love the work you do and happy to support your endeavours."
    Babette Bensoussan, MindShifts Group, Australia
  • "Love the work you do and happy to support your endeavours."
    Gillian McFadzean, UK Innovation Forum, UK
  • "As a strategic foresight consultant, I would be lost without Shaping Tomorrow. It gives breadth and depth to my work, as well as exceptional insights."
    John Ratcliffe, UK
  • "Shaping Tomorrow has been a first go-to for me for environmental scanning for the past 5-6 years. I read their trend reports on a regular basis to keep aware of weak signals across diverse disciplines. The new service is intriguing and masterful. This tool will quickly become indispensible to foresight practitioners who are at the cutting edge of design and innovation for business, government or society."
  • "Has your automated scanning been well received by customers? I am amazed at some of the stuff it finds on the insights. [Reply: yes, Elizabeth we seem to have struck a big chord. Sales are increasing fast and the automated system continues to develop with clients ideas now, so its becoming client driven. Great to see.]"
  • "I have been following 'Shaping Tomorrow' since its inception. I have found all the tools developed by Michael Jackson and his team academically stimulating and very useful for executives and practitioners. Excellent job, indeed!"
    Jacques Couvas, EastMed Group, France
  • "Shaping Tomorrow is a real asset in helping develop foresight and agility - two indispensable strategic competencies in today's VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world."
    Gaurav Bhalla, Knowledge Kinetics, India