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  • "I attended a Foresight workshop using the Shaping Tomorrow tool which targeted Synthetic Biology. The tool was an efficient way for nine of us to quickly gain a useful understanding of an issue we had very little prior knowledge of. From there, the tool also assisted us to aggregate our thinking to inform a joint strategy of how our organisation could position itself in the coming years in relation to this emerging field."
    John Stratton, Australian Animal Health Scan, Australia
  • "Great tool to efficiently structure and assimilate many views from many articles to help reach an informed position on a topic. Strengthened by the diversity of our scientific training and I expect the value of any report/ document that we produce as a consequence of this process. Thank you very much!"
  • "Structured, logical approach - Very useful for building capacity in this area"
    Rupert Woods, DAFF, Australia
  • "Shaping Tomorrow provided the tools and expertise to quickly assimilate market information, identify key drivers and create multiple scenarios. We were able to identify many options to help steer the company and test our strategic plans."
  • "Your customised newsletters for our company are very insightful and we really like them."
    Karl Mikula, Hagerty Insurance, USA
  • "Saw your presentation on "New Purpose" - which I thought was fantastic. Do you give that presentation often in person? What audiences are most receptive to that kind of message? [Yes, Emily, we do present it in person. Organisations dissatisfied with the status quo and seeking to be the best they can be are the most receptive.]"
  • "First and foremost I’d like to thank you for your professionalism and dedication that supported our event in La Hulpe. Your presentation, your openness and fantastic sense of expertise had a pivotal importance in contributing to the success of the Strategic Foresight Event. Even more importantly, your contribution and support even after the workshop helped our team to produce a better product in this challenging project."
  • "With NATO - Allied Command Transformation in the initial steps of developing a persistent foresight capability, Shaping Tomorrow was able to provide us with clear vision of many of the tools and concepts necessary to develop a comprehensive view of plausible futures and the policies required to drive toward the most desirable vision. [They] evoked much valuable discussion that moved our group toward a consensus on this future capability Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative"
    Mark Tocher, NATO - Allied Command Transformation, USA
  • "Sensible idea; new to me, but could well be a smasher!!"
  • "You have created a unique and very impressive scanning and foresight platform."