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Please give us your view on how we are doing below. We want to raise our current 95%+ satisfaction rate still further. (Amazon comparator: 90% - 2016)

  • "... this offering is a disruptor in this space, so whether you are a CEO, President, CTO, CIO, Physician, Educator,[or] researcher... this tool is an exceptional way to drill down and develop a useful and actionable analysis of your area of interest."
    John Drumm, I.T. Evolution LLC, USA
  • "I have watched with admiration the development of Shaping Tomorrow over the years, to the stage where it's developed into a truly unique tool for strategic managers. For the past 10 years I have made sure that all students studying my postgraduate strategy modules get hands-on experience of using the system, and without exception they are "blown away" by its capabilities. All managers involved in developing strategy need to develop foresight skills and Shaping Tomorrow is invaluable for that."
    Paul Buszard, Wolverhampton University, UK
  • "Creating new technology and architecture is challenging now that the Internet has flipped the information paradigm from scarcity to struggling with torrents of information. This is vastly improved by good filters, and Shaping Tomorrow is one of the best: The quality of its content, design and insights are always superb."
  • "This is a great service. I would be delighted to discuss how we might collaborate on offering IT management education. With your large network and the strong demand for IT candidates with the appropriate set of skills (e.g., technical, management, leadership, business, industry, interpersonal), I am confident that there are good opportunities for each of us. [Thks Jerry, we would be delighted to collaborate with you]"
  • "I've been using Shaping Tomorrow for a couple of months now. It not only has significantly shortened the amount of time needed to scan, but has also increased the quantity of information reviewed and the quality of the hits. This allows more time for analysis and interpretation (where Shaping Tomorrow also has some great tools to support). And the team at Shaping Tomorrow couldn't be more helpful."
    Angela Stone, Queensland Department Transport & Main Roads, Australia
  • "I have worked with Shaping Tomorrow since 2009, and I have enjoyed watching the evolution of their system. With the new Forecast system and the addition of all the automation, Shaping Tomorrow's system can now function as a self-contained one-stop shop for a variety of research services. Now, organizations with any budget can use them for most if not all of their research and analysis needs."
    Dennis Draeger, International Hotels Group, New Zealand
  • "Topical and Insightful."
    Mohan Krishna Tikku, Centre for Future Studies, USA
  • "Thinking about the future would be difficult without Shaping Tomorrow!"
    Wendell Bell, Yale University, USA
  • "Thanks for taking leadership with this AI approach. Like the futures leader you are, you're giving us a look at how it can work when brought to scale in revealing and helping us further understand future forces. I am watching and learning with interest."
    Gary Marx, Gary Marx CPO, USA
  • "Love the work you do and happy to support your endeavours."
    Babette Bensoussan, MindShifts Group, Australia