We offer a wide range of multilingual, digital, telephone and face-to-face, proprietary and custom-built public and private foresight surveys built on appreciative inquiry principles:

Internal surveys
Organizations depend on anticipating the future to be able to meet tomorrow's competitive threats and seize new opportunities. So, how well are you, and they, doing in anticipating the future?

  • How does your organization anticipate the future and use it to advantage?
  • Does it worry more about yesterday and today than shaping tomorrow?
  • Does it know how advanced its thinking and actions are versus traditional and new organizations vying for its stakeholders' attention?

We can help you answer these questions through our unique, pre-created and quick to undertake organizational surveys.

Fit for the Future

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Citizen foresight
We now offer an ultra-low-cost, integrated and public/private invite process that allows:

  • Any member to invite non-members to give their input to their questions or issues on a pay-as-you-go basis (< one US dollar per invite)
  • Any client to do the same for free with up to 1000 invites at a time sent to experts etc.
  • Any client to post a given URL on their main site or elsewhere to attract the public's response to their question

Responses are set as 'anonymous' or 'named' by the client administrator or paying member? We can post any set of questions using our pre-defined or your custom-built quantitative or qualitative templates. Response interpretation can be automated too using our new Extractor software to do narrative analysis and instant summarization of the input.

"Shaping Tomorrow has surpassed our expectations and we were delighted with the result. We received a list of 30 international water experts selected from their global foresight networks in just two days after requesting this search."
Director of External Affairs - Foresight Project "Water 2050" ('Water 2050' is initiated by the Russian Water Society)"
Andrey Zorin, Director - Z Consult (Russia)

Expert panels
Our 20,000+ community of futurists, strategists and change agents throughout the world is an ideal network for you to conduct targeted consumer research on topics of interest to you. What better people to ask for where the world is heading and how this might impact you and your organization?

We can also quickly construct specialty expert panels ranging across a variety of interest groups, professions, and geographies. We find these experts through our deep knowledge of each industry, mailing the 20,000+ people in our community for suggestions and through our associations with partners. e.g. Financial services, China, Toys, Healthcare, Nanotechnology, Retail.

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