Consultancy / Advisory

We help you quantify future markets, anticipate new customer requirements, identify new technologies, generate new business opportunities and reduce potential threats.

Our hundreds of  global and trained experts, visionaries and facilitators assist managers to critically explore their own, and their industry's, underlying assumptions against possible future scenarios stimulating fresh thinking and overturning outdated mental models. Managers are encouraged to interrogate the organization's current blind spots, identify tomorrow's strategic market gaps, and swarm the openings with well-thought through initiatives today.

Our people use our proven  online tools and wide strategic conversations to move the process of futures research to executive strategic decisioning and change management:

  • what are others doing? - assess rivals strategies
  • what do your stakeholders think? - determine current behaviors and future desires
  • where are you now? - examine your ability to compete
  • how could you respond? - create powerful alternative response strategies
  • how will we respond? -  develop robust, change management programs

and, to answer the questions "How can you:

  • future proof?
  • enable your staff to shape the future?
  • manage the change you need?
  • overcome resistance to change?
  • develop necessary leadership?
  • develop the skills for the future?
  • gain wider stakeholder engagement?
  • ensure you survive and thrive in a sustainable way?"

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