Research briefings

Need a briefing?
We undertake a wide variety of high-value, low-cost, customized and confidential research and advisory services including briefings on full horizon scanning studies, large-scale inquiry and future market evaluations identifying opportunities for product/service development, concept creation, strategic planning and implementation and ethnographic studies. Our full briefings are based on desk research and readily available resources.

Industry specific trend forecasting, benchmarking, time-lining and scenario planning are part of our repertoire. And, we have personal experience in determining acquisition and diversification choices, repositioning and downsizing programs and trend led marketing based on our scanning hits and research findings.

We also undertake literature reviews for that important presentation or to add weight to a report or article.

"You worked fast and furiously to populate our biofuels Horizon Scan with 750 potential trends and identified a global panel of energy experts in just a few weeks. We are delighted with the results" - Gary Kooznetsoff, Trends Manager, Syngenta, Switzerland

How we work?
We take a broad and analytical view of the future that examines rates of change in issues rather than predicting or projecting the status quo. We focus specifically on issues involving emerging future developments and evolutionary change that will impact you soon, not just on today's competitive analysis or current trends.

Our process follows these usual lines takes four to six weeks depending on complexity:

  • Determine the exact question you wish answered by phone
  • Split up the effort and tasks between our team
  • Find sources
  • Create initial hypotheses and drivers list
  • Gather data 
  • Analyze, interpret and benchmark
  • Create draft report 
  • Develop summary conclusions, forecasts, and next steps
  • Review and critique inherent bias and underlying assumptions
  • Gather further data and make improvements if required
  • Edit revised report
  • Proof-read the final report
  • Publish in our house style
  • Create associated PowerPoint Slides if required
  • Prepare webinar presentation

How we can help you
You can ask us to look out two, five, ten years or even further into the future. However far out you look out we always relate our findings to implications for your present, looking back, forward and around for fresh Insights into how your future may evolve. Using us means that you will have independent insights and mechanisms to challenge your status quo and to see beyond current industry paradigms ahead of the game.

Our team
Our researchers’ knowledge, understanding and creative writing about potential futures you face grounded in how these relate to the markets of today and tomorrow provide a seamless approach, mental jolts and catalysts for fresh thinking.

While you will know your industry better than we do, we bring a holistic and systemic view of global change, timelines of potential change, descriptions of emerging trends, cycles, and shifts in behavior and regional strengths. We project future implications giving you an in-depth and richer perspective and making your opportunity and risk assessments more valuable.

"Your future briefings are really good both in content and presentation. Much better than the Institute of the Future."
Mike Haffenden - Strategic Dimensions (United Kingdom)

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