We offer a number of free, public tools to help members dramatically speed up their scanning efforts:

Bookmark: Add Insights by dragging this app to your bookmarks bar. Then, wherever you are on the Web, click Add Insights in your bookmarks bar and the Add Insights form will be pre-populated by our new Extractor tool without you having to visit our service. All you have to do is edit the Insight to your satisfaction and complete six fields. You'll be done in just a few seconds.

Sources: Add, scan and analyze your key stakeholders (competitors, lobbyists, country initiatives, R&D projects etc.), experts, keywords or topics for real-time competitive and market intelligence, news and alerts, activity monitoring and Board and Executive moves. Keep tabs on key scanning sites relevant to your work in public or private mode. View your stakeholders’ latest RSS and Twitter entries etc. then use the Add Insights and the Extractor to instantly capture all relevant articles, reports, videos etc. Then finish your Insight analysis by visiting your latest Forecasts that are automatically created for you from key topics you select.

Automatic scanning:  
Our robot automatically adds Forecasts of emerging change from member pre-selected sources, competitors and other stakeholders. This robot works by capturing every future idea from a site. All you then have to do is delete the few links you don’t want and add your analysis.

Time saving
Early use by clients has cut the finding of highly relevant Insights to one tenth of the time, reduced human error, improved information extraction and cut scanning costs significantly. Indicators reduces the time of doing literature reviews and desk research from weeks to hours.

If you would also like an auto RSS feed of the Insights please contact us using the free-form  message box below.