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  • "During 2021 my firm was involved in a major global effort for a Middle Eastern government, which was competing with 4 other global destinations. Michael and ShapingTomorrow were introduced to us by a mutual friend, and we assigned them a portion of our assignment. They have collected competitive intelligence, opinions, and reviews of not only the specific competing destinations but the entire world. The number of articles reviewed was astounding. We got from them a very cohesive, analytical, and clear-eyed information, which we incorporated into our client presentations. It was a winning combination when our skills were combined with theirs and the amazing ability of new technology. They were responsive, fast, accurate, and open to specific requests. Great experience!"
    Athena AI
  • "Your talk was packed with insights and perfectly delivered! Great to see the anticipation become reality."
    Sohail Inayatullah, Tamkang University, Australia
  • "I strongly suggest to check/test a clever way to use AI for Foresight - What Shaping Tomorrow is doing with Athena"
    Enrico Maset, Steep , Belgium
  • "The content is really good and exactly what I am looking for in terms of automation (far better than your two Baltic rivals) - Ultimately I feel good about it since I (Me the human) am still required - ST global prospect."
    Athena @ ST, Shaping Tomorrow, UK
  • "Exciting times at Shaping Tomorrow with fabulous functionality!"
    Heather Bewers, KPMG, UK
  • "We really like the improvements you and your team have been making with the tool. The ability to generate a report in a matter of minutes is particularly helpful to share the content with our colleagues that are less versed in the platform and foresight tools in general. One capability that will help us do our job better is instead of those forecast references being static images having them be live links instead. This would enable us to follow the thread and answer our own questions as we’re reading through the report. Thanks again for pushing the envelope on this – we really love how much faster and better our foresight analyses are using it. ST Client"
    Athena @ ST, Shaping Tomorrow, UK
  • "Thank you for all your hard work with us over this very challenging year!"
    Daniel Jonas, Pay.UK, UK
  • "What a fantastic lecture and toolkit! Participants at our event were in shock :) connected to the great opportunities of your ST. Thank you, Shaping Tomorrow. You have done a great job for humanity ;) It is a very honest product! I am going to provide this product in Russian education."
    Tatiana Yakubovskaya, Tomsk State University , Russia
  • "Long-range planning does not deal with future decisions, but with the future of present decisions."
  • "We in Finland Futures Academy and Finland Futures Research Centre have been having fruitful co-operation with Shaping Tomorrow for several years now. ST is constantly developing and not only continuous improvement of processes but also new customer-oriented features that guarantee us to be able to teach our students higher-order academic thinking and research skills they need as future futurist and futures oriented professionals in their own academic field of expertise. I recommend you to take a peak, ST can offer you and your students unforeseen service."
    Hanna-Kaisa Aalto, University of Turku, Finland