Sector Prospects

LATEST: Growth of automotive and construction industries in India, China and Indonesia is expected to drive the regional growth over the forecast period.
LATEST: SwiftBroadband-Safety hardware is available for initial retrofit installation on existing aircraft today and will become a standard option on new aircraft deliveries from 2018.
LATEST: Advances in 3-D printing and "contour craft" technology will put at risk the jobs of many of the 14 million American people now employed in production and construction.
LATEST: The government of Yemen fails to satisfy critical identity-management requirements and fails to satisfy at least one key risk criterion.
LATEST: The tech landscape is evolving into a more do-it-yourself, BYOD space, but there will always be a need for experts to provide guidance, advice, policy, and oversight.
LATEST: BP projected in its 2015 outlook a 37 percent increase in energy consumption worldwide, which would lead to a 25 percent jump in carbon dioxide emissions, all by 2035.
LATEST: Voyager 1 continues to increase its distance from Earth and will reach a distance of 0.1 LY in a total travel time of 1780 years.
LATEST: If interest rates normalize and banks innovate, Deloitte estimates that marketplace lenders will face even lower market share - just 1% or £0.5 billion by 2025.
LATEST: Higher temperatures and reduced water availability will eventually reduce crop yields and increase the prevalence of pests and disease.
LATEST: The UK could lose £1 billion (US$1.4 billion) in science funding each year if the government did not make up the shortfall in EU-linked research funds.
LATEST: Virtualization will allow decoupling of traditional vertically integrated network elements into hardware and software.
LATEST: Cost increases will start to climb again because millions of Americans have gained health insurance through the law.
LATEST: Mars, Unilever, Cargill and Mondelez are already using GFW Commodities to assess deforestation risks in their palm oil, soy and cocoa supply chains across a collective area of land the size of Mexico.
LATEST: Ultralow power processors designed for machine learning will likely help consumer and industrial devices and machines understand and respond to the environment around them.
LATEST: Instagram may be the single biggest opportunity for social media marketers next year.
LATEST: Eight-in-ten Japanese (80%) and about six-in-ten Chinese (59%) are concerned that territorial disputes between China and its neighbors could lead to a military conflict.
LATEST: Infrastructure spending in Nigeria is expected to revive economic growth and help create jobs in a number of sectors such as agriculture and mining.
LATEST: A new birth control method for men has the potential to win as much as half the $10bn (£8bn) market for female contraceptives worldwide and cut into the $3.2bn of annual condom sales,
LATEST: A rebound in U.S. building construction activity will stimulate siding demand in the new residential market.
LATEST: The emphasis on value will put further pressure on global luxury retailers already grappling with slowing sales in China after years of skyrocketing growth.
LATEST: A combination of Blockchain and Data Science could allow dynamic price adjustments.
LATEST: Russia's provision of military assistance to Serbia is a threat to the region's security.
LATEST: A Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) prototype laser weapon system proved that an advanced system of sensors, software and specialized optics can deliver decisive lethality against unmanned aerial vehicle...
LATEST: A new self-driving car company has developed technology that will teach a car how to drive itself.
LATEST: The market in Cuba is untapped and will lead to parallel growth for the firms in the Cuban sections of Miami and elsewhere in the U.S.
LATEST: Advances in robotic delivery in the next decade will lead to significant changes in retail markets, the freight haulage industry and transport in general.
LATEST: Gains will be supported by increased spending on pollution control equipment and greater municipal water use.

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