Sector Prospects

LATEST: MR s report projects the revenues from global automotive tire market to reach nearly US$270,000 Mn in 2017.
LATEST: Any U.S. or coalition aircraft flying west of the Euphrates River in Syria will be tracked by Russian warplanes and anti-aircraft batteries.
LATEST: Operation and maintenance of roads and bus rapid transit (BRT) systems will require nearly US$110 trillion in cumulative investment by 2050.
LATEST: According to Building Design and Construction, from emergency departments to microhospitals, to the amenities in and locations of hospitals, the year ahead will see continued changes in how healthc...
LATEST: Transboundary challenges such as emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) are a significant threat to economic growth and health security.
LATEST: Energy companies will be able to test at scale new power saving and distribution technologies.
LATEST: Considering current constraints in resources and environment carrying ability in China increasing sustainable production and consumption will enlarge environmental capacity and help with sustainabl...
LATEST: Chinese banks are lending at an unsustainable rate and will pose a major risk to the world economy.
LATEST: Rampant economic growth in emerging economies of India and China along with burgeoning growth of various end-use industries in Asia Pacific are expected to position the region as the fastest growin...
LATEST: The United States will send "strategic" military assets to South Korea on a more regular basis to better deter North Korea.
LATEST: Humanity will have the requisite hardware to emulate human intelligence within a $1,000 personal computer.
LATEST: China's health spending there will increase from roughly $3.5 trillion yuan (US$520.9 billion) in 2014 to $15.8 trillion yuan (US$2.35 trillion) in 2035.
LATEST: Supply chains will be complex and will need to be dynamic as multichannel procurement and collaborative partnerships will help propel businesses forward while remaining competitive.
LATEST: Global aerospace production is expected to grow 3.5% per annum for the next 10 years.
LATEST: Media, energy, pharmaceutical, finance and agriculture will all be controlled by impregnable monopolies.
LATEST: ISIS is currently the only terrorist group capable of mounting a credible autonomous threat.
LATEST: Infrastructure spending in Nigeria is expected to revive economic growth and help create jobs in a number of sectors such as agriculture and mining.
LATEST: New HIV cases diagnosed in Glasgow since 2015 among people who inject drugs could potentially create lifetime costs to the health services of £28.08million.
LATEST: Southeast Asia ecommerce market continues to grow to 16 times and will reach $88 billion by 2025.
LATEST: A rise in U.S. household formation is projected to boost the demand for housing and spur residential investment for the next few years.
LATEST: A 2015 report by Citi Research, two-thirds of U.S. retail jobs are at "high risk" of disappearing by 2030.
LATEST: There will be synergies between nanotechnology and accelerator science which could help move to the accelerator on a chip concept.
LATEST: Social security and welfare is currently at $158.6 billion but is expect to grow to $191 billion over the next three years.
LATEST: IDC predicted that worldwide mobility hardware, software and services spending would reach $1.58 trillion in 2017 and $1.72 trillion in 2021: Mobile connectivity services will be the biggest money-...
LATEST: Exponential growth in technology will disrupt entire industries and create new ones.
LATEST: Spending on enterprise infrastructure will be driven by solid growth in the server and storage segments with CAGRs of 2.6% and 3.2%, respectively.
LATEST: Current and foreseeable policies to mitigate carbon-dioxide emissions from global transport activity will not suffice to achieve the international community's climate ambitions.
LATEST: Warming water and decreases in its availability could lead to reductions in electricity production in 60 percent of power plants worldwide.

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