Sector Prospects

LATEST: Automakers in Europe are expected to lose about 278,000 sales a year to car-sharing customers in 2021.
LATEST: Military analysts speculate that the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) will build and operate at least three aircraft carriers.
LATEST: Saudi Arabia will need to accelerate the shift from its current government-led economic model to a more market-based approach.
LATEST: Logistics service providers in emerging markets could increase their ability to shape and design the future of logistics industries in emerging markets if they cooperate in a stronger way than in t...
LATEST: Education, health, economics, and global governance will be needed to prevent massive and complex human and environmental disasters.
LATEST: At the conclusion of this phase of high VOL in the energy patch, the US will be positioned to establish a positive growth industry.
LATEST: As with biodiversity in much of the world, Madagascar's habitats, animals and plants are under threat from a number of different factors, particularly deforestation and the illegal wildlife trade.
LATEST: Allowing more firms to settle directly using the central bank money in digital cash accounts would reduce credit and liquidity risk within the payment system.
LATEST: Market analysts in general agree that the Russian embargo will have a more severe impact on Ukraine's meat sector than Ukraine's sanctions against Russia.
LATEST: With the UK maritime industry directly supporting 500,000 jobs and contributing £22.2 billion to UK GDP the visit will be an opportunity for the UK government to strengthen maritime trade links bet...
LATEST: Access to TPU hardware "will be one of biggest differentiators for the Google Cloud Platform".
LATEST: The trillions of microbes that transfer from people to surfaces could provide an early warning system for the emergence of public health threats such as a flu outbreak or a rise in antibiotic resis...
LATEST: Predictive analytics is one of the disruptive technologies that will have a dramatic impact on supply chains and the people who run them.
LATEST: Business model innovation will include collaboration across value chains to establish materials standards and information flows that support circularity.
LATEST: Next year, mobile devices will become the main vehicle for internet advertising.
LATEST: The current reliance on GPS-guided airdrops could prove challenging for troops who will inevitably find themselves patrolling or fighting within huge cities in the future.
LATEST: Advocates insist space mining will eventually develop into a trillion-dollar-industry supplying metals and water for habitats and fuels for rockets in a market led initially by space exploration pr...
LATEST: If successfully commercialized, DNA aptamers could replace or complement the existing use of antibodies in drugs for targeted disease treatment.
LATEST: U.S. construction will continue on a growth track largely due to improving consumer economic and physical health and a growing population demanding new technologies and housing.
LATEST: By 2021 retail will account for less than 1 percent of all beacon hardware shipments.
LATEST: Synthetic biology is expected to permit scientists to design entire new living organisms, biological parts, devices and systems that cannot be found in nature and to enhance the qualities of existi...
LATEST: (b) production constraints are and will continue to be important determinants of food security.
LATEST: The future world will be all about edge computing, software defined everything and Wi-Fi.
LATEST: Apple will stop using graphics chips from Imagination Technologies in a future generation of smartphones, tablets, televisions, and watches.
LATEST: Asia Pacific is expected to show high growth potential for content analytics market due to rapid digitalization in countries such as Japan, China, Korea.
LATEST: Uber will be launching its new transport service UberBike which will allow customers to request cars with bike racks.
LATEST: Technology will enable an increasing number of cancers to be defeated by biochemically adjusting the body's immune system to quash cancerous cells.

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