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WHAT'S NEXT?: Design thinking will increasingly play a key role in improving systems and customer experiences. Companies will re-learn their approach to innovation and embrace human-centred design principles. Designers will begin to apply knowledge of human interaction, specifically in the area of how we earn trust and respect, to AI systems.

  • [New] The current multipolar era poses challenges for U.S. foreign policy but also provides new opportunities for partnership across world powers-including emerging great powers like China and Russia - to build peace in conflict-affected countries. United States Institute of Peace
  • [New] The Ineos hydrogen business will have its headquarters in the UK and aims to build capacity to produce hydrogen across its network of sites in Europe, in addition to partner sites where hydrogen can accelerate decarbonisation of energy. MSN
  • [New] An evaporative cooling system can be up to 75% cheaper than traditional air cooling and is most effective in the American Southwest, where Microsoft plans to build two data centers in Arizona that will utilize evaporative cooling. gray
  • [New] UK workers will benefit from improved business travel rrangements and professionals such as lawyers and architects will be able to work in New Zealand more easily, allowing UK companies to set up shop and bring the best British talent with them. MercoPress
  • [New] Negotiators have been meeting regularly, and expectations are now building that some form of deal will get approval despite ongoing concerns that any pact will be challenged in Europe's highest court. Politico
  • [New] The UK government will encourage the design and development of the next generation of AI systems in the UK and will support UK businesses across sectors to adopt them on a larger scale. Law360
  • [New] The architecture of the net-zero intelligent energy system will interconnect the energy system, carbon system, and ICT infrastructure as well as eventually converging energy, carbon, information, and value flows. Intelligent Head Quarters
  • [New] China will work with other countries to promote trade liberalization and investment facilitation, respond to challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, digital economy and climate change, as well as build an open world economy. Caixin Global Limited
  • [New] The company - known best in the maritime world for the Shale Gas for Progress slogan on its ethane carriers - announced that it will build new electrolysis plants to make zero-carbon green hydrogen in Norway, Germany, and Belgium over the next ten years. The Maritime Executive
  • [New] Responding to climate change is both a matter of survival and an opportunity to build a more just world through tackling pervasive inequalities and building stronger communities. Oxfam
  • [New] Tesla is awaiting approval in Germany to begin building vehicles at its new Giga Berlin factory and also will soon begin production at its Gigafactory Texas near Austin. Forbes
  • [New] Microsoft AI Innovate will create an engaging platform to empower startups with opportunities to build, scale and transform with agility. Busienss Standard
  • [New] Microsoft AI Innovate is a 10-week initiative that will support startups in India leveraging AI technologies, helping them scale operations, drive innovation, and build industry expertise. Busienss Standard
  • [New] The PLA sets a strong precedent as we build offshore wind energy infrastructure in the US and that investing in the workforce will build strong, sustainable communities will enable the long-term growth and success of the offshore wind industry in the US. FDi Intelligence
  • [New] In addition to the Dearborn facility, it plans to invest US$ 11 billion with South Korean battery maker SK Innovation to build plants in Tennessee and Kentucky to make electric versions of the F-150 and its larger cousins. Financial Post
  • [New] T-Systems is building a sovereign cloud offering in partnership with Google Cloud for private and public-sector organizations based in Germany, which will become available in mid-2022. Google Cloud Blog
  • [New] The US, the UK and Australia recently announced to forge a trilateral security partnership under which the US and the UK will help Australia build at least eight nuclear submarines. Hitachi
  • [New] Memory chip maker Micron is announcing plans to spend $150 billion over the next 10 years, much of which will go to building new chip plants, potentially in the U.S. Axios
  • [New] Dominion's capital costs for offshore wind could reach $17 billion, if it chased the full 5.2 gigawatt build - out of offshore wind called for in the Clean Economy Act - and up to $37 billion total when Dominion's possible profit is factored in. National Wind Watch

Last updated: 25 October 2021