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Food & Agriculture

  • [New] Dramatic weather patterns spurred by climate change will likely deliver severe blows to agricultural production in key regions around the world, from Latin America to the Asia-Pacific. Chronicles magazine
  • [New] Climate change will result in food shortages in some countries that could lead to unrest. Asia Times
  • [New] More intensive farming would threaten biodiversity hot spots in Central America and the northern Andes, and potentially degrade water quality. Phys Org
  • [New] India and China are projected to collectively account for the largest revenue share in Asia Pacific, favored by the increasing government investment in the agriculture sector. ADVFN
  • [New] Only in America, $165 billion dollars worth of food is wasted every year and if Americans could only waste 15% less in food, we could feed 25 million people in the world. Seattle organic restaurants
  • [New] Across the entire company, PepsiCo has increased the amount of recycled content in its plastic packaging and reducing the amount of virgin plastic content by 50% across its food and beverage portfolio by 2030.
  • [New] As one of the world's largest markets, China has a real opportunity to become a sustainable protein pioneer and tip the balance on sustainable food. China Dialogue
  • [New] A shift to alternative protein production could help China tackle biodiversity loss and accelerate its journey to net zero, with co-benefits for other key global issues such as health outcomes and food security. China Dialogue
  • [New] With 22% of Zambians working in agriculture, projections that climate change will lead to significant declines in crop yields pose a vast threat to livelihoods. Resilience
  • [New] A key concern across all four of Mozambique's notifications was whether a general survey of agricultural workers, central to Mozambique's decision to take FRA, provided sufficient evidence to constitute a valid risk evaluation. IISD
  • [New] The average price of onshore wind farms is expected to decline by 45% from 2019 levels by 2030, while offshore wind farms is expected to decline by 50%. MarketResearch
  • [New] The US intelligence community identifies 11 countries and two regions where energy, food, water and health security are at particular risk. BBC News
  • [New] Looking ahead to the future and the next 50 years for CGIAR, a sustainable food systems transformation will not be possible without due attention and investment to aquatic food systems, alongside crops and livestock. The Fish Site
  • [New] Countries' fossil fuel-fueled Covid-19 recoveries will have lasting consequences on human health and risk worsening food and water insecurity, heat waves and infectious diseases already threatening billions of people around the world. Uk Time News
  • [New] Earth-observation could advance smart farming by lowering water consumption, fertilisers, and pesticides by more than 19% while increasing crop production by 10%. Bain
  • [New] In Germany, the total flying insect biomass has declined by 75% in just 27 years, putting the functioning of ecosystems and agricultural food production at risk. Eco-business
  • [New] Around the world, millions of farmers come into daily contact with a fast-changing environment, putting their livelihoods and lives at risk. Fairtrade International
  • [New] Farm to Fork could help the EU achieve more coherence within the food chain and improve the social and environmental aspects of farming. DW.COM
  • [New] Intensive agriculture is one of the major drivers of biodiversity loss in Europe and is a threat to 86% of species at risk of extinction globally. IUCN
  • [New] In the short term, by 2025, Panera aims to increase the percentage of its Cool Food Meals to 60% of its entrees; transition to 100-percent circular, reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging; and use green, renewable electricity for at least 50% of Panera Bread-owned operations.
  • [New] The price of unginned cotton has increased from 7 yuan per kg last year to 12 yuan per kg in 2021, which will bring more income to farmers. a

Last updated: 26 October 2021