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WHAT'S NEXT?: 65 per cent of global construction growth for the next decade will happen in emerging markets. Smart cities, sustainable construction, greater urbanization and pre-fabricated buildings will all play their part in future construction growth.

  • [New] The project, which is nearly 98% completed after construction began a decade ago, will roughly double Russia's capacity to transport natural gas directly to Germany, bypassing Central and Eastern European countries. / DW.COM
  • [New] The Green Fuels, Green Skies initiative highlights the importance of building SAF facilities throughout the country that will help the UK not only to meet the targets set but also to make a quantifiable impact on climate change. / Aviation Benefits
  • [New] Among the biggest outlays for net zero are expected to be decarbonising the UK's notoriously inefficient building stock, funding the shift towards electric vehicles, and building a net zero energy system. / Business Green
  • [New] President Biden proposed investing $174 billion in the EV market and for building out a national network of 500,000 chargers by 2030 in his American Jobs Plan. / The ICCF Group
  • [New] So far we have data for 45 out of the 50 listed schemes, which reveals that Highways England estimates the extra traffic will lead to almost 32 million tonnes of extra carbon emissions, whilst construction adds another 4 million tonnes. / Transport Action Network
  • [New] A number of private companies are joining forces to build a 500-bed isolation facility for Covid-19 patients in East Jakarta, expected to become operational next week. / Jakarta Globe
  • [New] With the anticipated investment, Australia is likely to become a net exporter of green (emission-free) hydrogen given the number and size of projects either under construction or planned versus the domestic demand level, with the first export volumes available from 2025. / Edison
  • [New] China's efforts plan to build a pilot plant in Wyoming, including what is called sodium, which is financially backed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and many other new creations of thorium reactors. / Eminetra
  • [New] After the 2 gigawatt prototype has undergone tests in September, China plans to build its first commercial thorium reactor. / Live Science
  • [New] The U.S. could benefit the most from market redistribution, but other countries close to China territorially could also get a chance to build new infrastructure. / TechBullion
  • [New] Almost two-thirds of China's 1.4 billion people live in cities compared with a third two decades ago, and coping with future calamities will depend on building infrastructure, most notably flood prevention and drainage systems. /
  • [New] Nottingham City Council has appointed Countryside to build over 350 homes, 108 of which will be new council homes for affordable rent, subject to planning permission. / Planning, BIM & Construction Today
  • [New] A two-year horizontal project planned for 2021-22 seeks to advance a multifaceted approach to build trust and minimize barriers to data flows. / CSIS
  • [New] Building of sustainable transport infrastructure in the Arctic opens up new opportunities in developing the Eurasian transit which can be achieved in an optimal timeframe and help reduce the environmental footprint through shorter route distances and the advanced low-carbon energy solutions applied. / DP World
  • [New] California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a $6 billion broadband bill Tuesday that, among other things, will fund construction of a state-owned fiber network. / Broadband World News
  • [New] Solar Landscape has completed construction on seven community solar projects totaling more than 17 megawatts of capacity as part of Year 1 of the NJBPU's Community Solar Energy Pilot Program; and construction on an eighth Year 1 project is expected to be completed before the end of 2021. / Insider NJ
  • [New] Small businesses in Sydney's construction industry doubt the NSW government will lift the ban on building early, despite lobbying efforts by industry groups to get businesses operating as soon as possible. / SmartCompany
  • [New] Another lump sum will be used to build new US military bases in the Pacific, a move mirroring how the United States has approached its security concerns in the Arab world. / Inkstick Media
  • [New] Outlining its strategy for an electric future, the German luxury carmaker said on Thursday it would, with partners, build eight battery plants as it ramps up EV production, and that from 2025 all new vehicle platforms would only make electric cars. / NBC News
  • [New] In the Northern Territory, Core Lithium will use its $6 million in funding to help build a pilot processing facility for the production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide while Queensland-based Brisbane METS Lab No. 1 will use its $1.2 million to develop its vanadium processing pilot plant. / pv magazine International
  • [New] Ankara has launched an ambitious programme to build a blue water navy for projecting power far from home. / Royal United Services Institute
  • [New] The construction of Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle is bound to bring new development opportunities for enterprises, which will gradually causes an increase in their demand for legal services. /

Last updated: 28 July 2021