Business Readiness Assessment (BRLA)

Business Readiness Level AssessmentAssess readiness across multiple domains

Identify significant emerging trends and technologies relevant for your organization, your market, your industry and get a full overview of their business readiness levels in one interactive, collaborative table in a matter of minutes - not days or weeks as previously done through more labour-intensive work and processes.  

The efficiency of this policy, strategy and decision-support tool makes it possible for you and your organization to adapt much better to the pace of innovation, development and change across our societies and industries.  

Let's look at a specific example to demonstrate how this works and how it can be valuable.

With our new generative-AI enabled, collaborative Business Readiness Level Assessment (BRLA) tool, you and your colleagues can create an overview similar to the example below with a relevant horizon scan followed by a single mouse-click on the Readiness button. 

We have chosen to do some analysis based on the scan: Generative AI applied in business operations and business management - Following the scan, simply click the Readiness button, and you will be ready to explore the emerging business trends and technologies related to 'Generative AI applied in business operations and business management' and for each of them explore their business readiness broken down into the following business-critical components: 

  • Technology
  • Market
  • Acceptance
  • Regulatory
  • Organizational 




The scoring of each of the business aspects Technology, Market, Acceptance, Regulatory and Organizational follows a 9-steps scoring, where 9 is ready and 1 is not at all ready. You can quickly see an overview of the readiness of each listed emerging business trend or technology and evaluate how and whether to investigate further.

For each set of scores for a listed emerging business trend or technology you can reveal the explanation of the specific scores, just by clicking the 🎓 symbol under the controls - For 'AI for HR and Talent Acquisition' the explanations looks like this: 

Explanation of AI Scores for: AI for HR and Talent Acquisition

  • Technology-5 - Technology maturity is fair, with promising applications
  • Market-5 - Fairly good market readiness with some successful usage
  • Acceptance-4 - Moderate acceptance due to potential bias
  • Regulatory-4 - Regulatory issues regarding personal data and discrimination
  • Organizational-4 - Organizational readiness requires understanding of AI

In cases where you would like to better understand some of the more detailed aspects covered by a certain emerging business trend or technology, you can simply click the “i” by the end of each trend to generate an explanation. For example: 

Details of: AI for HR and Talent Acquisition

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subset Generative AI have created significant shifts and opportunities in various sectors. In Human Resources (HR) and talent acquisition, these technologies can drastically improve business operations and management efficiency.

One interesting application of AI and, specifically, Generative AI used in HR and talent acquisition lies in automating and improving the recruitment process. Using these technologies, organizations can automate tasks such as sourcing candidates, screening resumes, and even conducting initial interviews to gauge candidate qualifications.

You can click on any of the listed trends to create a Model. Here's an example when clicking 'AI for Competitive Intelligence':


You may not fully agree with or you may have other sources informing you differently on the value of any of the scores - If you would like to alter any of the values listed you can easily do so using the Edit Control, which lets you edit any of the listed scores to a value you think would be more correct. This may be important as each table is automatically saved for later use and reference. 

We feel convinced that you will find our Business Readiness Level Assessment - BRLA tables very powerful in support of your strategic business decisions and you overall insight to what opportunities and risks may be ahead.