Future Modeller

Explore using interactive visual causal maps

Our Future Modeller is a dynamic mind map that can support you in creating a deep dive into a particular topic, trend, technology or initiative.  

Example – Future Modeller (key drivers) for “Global futures"

With your selected topic, trend, technology or initiative as the central node (in red) each node can expand based on the available intelligence from the continuous horizon scan. The aspects assumed most relevant to you will be displayed to you and your organization.

With a simple click on the “+” sign each node can be expanded into the five aspects assumed most relevant to you and your organization. For any node you can also substitute the text of the node to be even more precise to your organization and your supplementary sources of insight. Where any further expansion will build on the adjusted text in the node in every case where you opt to alter the text.

A right-click on a node will list the intelligence sources that have informed the development of the node. The intelligence sources are organized into the following categories: 

  • Research Papers
  • Meeting Abstracts
  • Studies
  • Grants
  • Regulations

The Future Modeller has proven to be a highly valuable and supportive tool for any strategic foresight exercise.

Please contact us for  a demonstration if you are interested to know more about our Future Modeller.