Risks & opportunities

LATEST: The OECD does recognise that lowering minimum wages will reduce earnings but claims that the impact on total household income will be counteracted if the lower minimum wage allows for creating addi...
LATEST: A potential free trade agreement with China could result in economic gains for Canada by creating opportunities for Canadian firms.
LATEST: Artificial intelligence will cause the loss of 7.1 million jobs across 15 leading economies over the next five years.
LATEST: The past few decades have seen enormous progress being made in synthetic biology and predicted to enter a phase of exponential growth over the next decade.
LATEST: In the next decade, healthcare industrial verticals such as pharmacology are estimated to create an incremental opportunity of over US$1 billion dollars in terms of revenues for the global neuromor...
LATEST: North Korea is probably counting on South Korea to restrain the United States from unilateral military action against it given that up to one million South Korean casualties could result from a ret...
LATEST: Serving the needs of an older society will create opportunities for new products, services and business models.
LATEST: Brazil will seek to double its government and/or state directed investment in clean energy technology innovation over the next five years.
LATEST: Failure to monitor deforestation carries increasing risks for businesses in the palm oil sector.
LATEST: Countries will need transparent and predictable rules for periodically adjusting CO 2 pricing trajectories if energy systems evolve in unexpected ways.
LATEST: The average growth rate of data centres in the next two years is expected to be 35% or above and market demand for cloud computing and internet services combined with a willingness to invest will d...
LATEST: Insurers who make the most of digital by applying the right technologies will be best placed to respond to market challenges in the coming years.
LATEST: Koreans had better pray for world peace after building more Buddhist temples and Christian churches because it will become a strategic target of China and Russia.
LATEST: Increased medical demand in the U.S. will ignite faster-than-average job growth by 15 percent for over 29,000 new jobs through 2024.
LATEST: Prices are projected to increase to $60 / bbl in 2018 as the market regains balance, with shale production limiting larger price gains.
LATEST: Europe expected to be the highest revenue generating geography with 41% share in the additive manufacturing market by 2020.
LATEST: The U.S. government needs to seize the opportunity when the Duterte government realizes that Beijing is not going to make the concessions it hopes.
LATEST: South Africa's worst drought on record risks tipping an already weak economy into recession as rising agricultural imports feed into rising inflation.
LATEST: The residual risk of any ELA operations borne by the ECB and the rest of the euro system would rise to unprecedented levels.
LATEST: Many defenders of the UN all but predict global calamity should the U.S. take a big step back from the organization.
LATEST: There are a variety of alternative strategies that the United States could pursue in Afghanistan-some obviously better than others-if Washington is to achieve its minimal goal of protecting the Afg...
LATEST: Both the EU and Turkey are equally under threat from returning ISIL fighters.
LATEST: Moscow has identified the United States and its NATO allies as the Russian Federation's greatest threats today and for the foreseeable future.
LATEST: The EU is entering an era of long-term slow economic growth and that the crisis will have lasting impacts for particular groups.
LATEST: Greg Morris predicts an uptick in additive manufacturing in the next several years from $3 billion to more than $100 billion.

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