Risks & opportunities

LATEST: India could become a victim of its own success as the country's growing prosperity leads to a paradox of progress where effective governance runs into the complications of the youth bulge, rapid ur...
LATEST: AI will transform the productivity and GDP potential of the UK.
LATEST: Oil prices could plunge to US$30 a barrel in 2018 and maintain that low price for some two years.
LATEST: Spare capacity in OPEC Member Countries will dwindle.
LATEST: 2017 will be an exciting year particularly for new programs such as the new Cyber Security EPQ and via QUFARO as they start to have impact.
LATEST: The EU agrees that a U.K. national could attain citizenship rights in an EU member country and work in that country.
LATEST: Within 30 years, as little as 2 percent of the world's current labor force will be needed to produce all the goods necessary for total demand.
LATEST: Faster growth rates and favorable demographics in key rapid - growth markets will continue to be a feature of the global economy for the next decade or so.
LATEST: Waiting until 2025 to take action to tackle climate change will translate to an average economic output loss of 2 percent after 10 years for the major economies that are part of the G20.
LATEST: In Europe, the rising influence of populist parties could impact policies and affect economic integration in the European Union.
LATEST: Demand for accessible housing is expected to grow significantly by 2040 when seniors will account for 21% of the U.S. population.
LATEST: Controlling HIV worldwide over the next five years will cost an extra $650 million in second-line, more expensive drugs, and the medicines will fail more often.
LATEST: Spending on UK disability benefits has risen by more than £3 billion in real terms since 2010 and will remain higher in each year to 2020.
LATEST: Asian insurers will become one of the largest investor groups in the coming years.
LATEST: The planned targets of U.S. import restrictions will be Perrier mineral water, French Roquefort cheese, Italian Vesper motor scooters, and some Swedish-made dirt bikes.
LATEST: The aggregate GDP of China's largest 150 cities will overtake Europe's 139 largest cities as early as 2015.
LATEST: The digitalization of much of the physical world that will occur over the next few decades will expose companies to as many threats as opportunities.
LATEST: Automakers don't expect Russian households to step up big purchases until at least next year as the country struggles to exit its longest recession in two decades.
LATEST: There is a real risk that the US locks itself into a natural gas future.
LATEST: Danske Bank has highlighted substantial risks for the Danish krone currency peg in case the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union.
LATEST: A sustained ISIS-led campaign in Tunisia would pose a grave threat to the Tunisian regime and set conditions for ISIS to seize territory in the country's underdeveloped central provinces.
LATEST: In Europe and U.S., ISIS is seen as a major threat.
LATEST: Wearable biometrics will be characterized by lots of hype and failures over the next five years.
LATEST: Kolkata in India is expected to see its annual emissions grow by 54% over the next ten years.
LATEST: Flying taxis could be a reality in the next few years.

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