Opportunities & risks

LATEST: In the U.S. cable operators could take 20 percent of the wireless market in five years.
LATEST: 58% of insurers believe that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will become a major distributor of vehicle insurance in the future.
LATEST: The advent of automated driving could enable developing nations to leapfrog developed nations by bypassing the need to create a car-centric infrastructure.
LATEST: Food prices are expected to remain fairly stable in the 2005-2050 period.
LATEST: The global market for Bioinformatics is projected to reach US$12.5 billion by 2022.
LATEST: US demand and growing global expansion will drive the market for defense and security applications to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 6.4 percent, rising from $6 billion today to more than...
LATEST: The Luxembourg tax authorities will be required to communicate to foreign competent authorities the identity of any taxpayer who started benefitting from the IP regime after 6 February 2015.
LATEST: Central and South America, Eastern Europe, and the Africa/Mideast region each accounted for less than 10 percent of the global nonwovens market in 2014.
LATEST: State governments will experience a loss of revenue from annual taxi licence sales.
LATEST: Uncertainty around EU negotiations and future economic conditions is expected to bear down on business spending further ahead.
LATEST: The BEMS market in APAC and South America regions is expected to grow faster compared to other regions in coming years.
LATEST: MaaS offers a new opportunity for policy makers to capture value from adjusting the consumer preferences to support a range of DfT and wider government objectives.
LATEST: Companies that did not collect so far almost any information about their products and customers will start gathering data not only about the performance of their products, but also personal data ab...
LATEST: The rising threat of ISIL might provide some governments with a new rationale to not only address the terrorist threat but also curb opposition movements.
LATEST: Asia will have more "overall power" than the US and Europe combined.
LATEST: The Philippines is standing out as a potential growth market and thereby has a big opportunity now that the Asian narrative has shifted to Asean.
LATEST: The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region is expected to suffer a second consecutive year of recession in 2016.
LATEST: Higher energy efficient homes are associated with increased risk of doctor diagnosed asthma in a UK subpopulation.
LATEST: Mobile video ad spending in the US jumped 80.6% in 2015 and is forecast to see double-digit growth through 2019.
LATEST: Some 200 Belgian fighters are still in Syria fighting for the Islamic State and could be returning to Europe soon to carry out terrorist attacks.
LATEST: Everything from online bank accounts to computer-controlled electrical plants and power grids is at risk.
LATEST: The global market for in vitro fertilization (IVF) is expected to hit $21.6 billion by 2020.
LATEST: Over the coming months and years the development and extension of Liaison & Diversion services across England will enable healthcare colleagues and partners in the criminal justice system to work t...
LATEST: All businesses will become increasingly digital and will require technical skills although they might be employed in non-traditional IT roles.

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