Risks & opportunities

LATEST: Any boost to May from an election victory will not make EU-27 negotiators drop their demands for Britain to maintain the legal status of EU and UK citizens after Brexit.
LATEST: In the 2018 survey, investments in AI will have the greatest impact on their ability to stave off disruption (in the next decade).
LATEST: Data-driven processes will generate $371 billion in net industry value for production over the next four years streamlining supply chains.
LATEST: UK authorities will no longer participate in the EU regulatory process or have access to Echa data.
LATEST: The coming year will be a breakthrough in IoT usage and applications across industries of all kinds.
LATEST: Uber will continue to grow in market share, using investor money and its already huge presence to choke out competitors in other markets.
LATEST: Investments in clean energy technologies will keep jobs in America and prevent harm to the economy by preventing the worst impacts of climate change.
LATEST: Governments could achieve major water savings by retiring coal stations older than 40 years.
LATEST: The World Health Organisation has described noise pollution as an underestimated threat that can cause hearing loss, cardiovascular problems, cognitive impairment, stress and depression.
LATEST: Growth in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic is expected to remain broadly unchanged from last year in 2017 and strong U.S. growth will help support exports and remittances.
LATEST: A deep or protracted decline in U.S. financial markets could add a new risk factor for the U.S. car market as it begins to level off from years of strong growth.
LATEST: In 2018 and beyond CIOs will be more accountable than ever for revenue generation, value creation, and the development and launch of new business models using proven and emerging technologies.
LATEST: Whitehall is assuming the risks to managing the border will not change immediately when the UK leaves the EU in March 2019.
LATEST: Nissan Europe's Paul Willcox predicted "a decade of disruption" in the automative industry over the next 10 years.
LATEST: Emerging markets such as China and India and innovation of some new information technology in healthcare are expected to offer good opportunities for growth of global healthcare IT market.
LATEST: Both cities and regions will expand geographically as well as become denser.
LATEST: The global risk of massive digital misinformation sits at the centre of a constellation of technological and geopolitical risks ranging from terrorism to cyberattacks and the failure of global gove...
LATEST: The development of Uganda's capacity will entail, among other things, policies that improve the quality of education at all levels; reduce inequalities in all its forms; enhance the business en...
LATEST: Chile's growth is expected to slow to 1.5 percent in 2016.
LATEST: In the EU at least one-third of NEETs are at risk of social exclusion.
LATEST: Egypt faces a persistent threat of terrorist and militant activity directed primarily at state security forces in both the Sinai Peninsula and in mainland Egypt.
LATEST: Putin's reassertion of Russia's world-stage power in the Syria conflict will be complicated by the U.N. Security Council's recent adoption of a resolution to endorse a road map for peace.
LATEST: US farmers see Spain as an existential threat to an industry that's as old as California.
LATEST: In the development plan, the State Council, China's cabinet, China will fully catch up on key technologies in AI and the sector will become a key driver of economic growth for the country.
LATEST: Within two decades, 600 million children will be in regions enduring extreme water stress.
LATEST: Both Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are expected to experience relatively steady growth over the next few years.

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