Risks & opportunities

LATEST: More jobs will be created in renewables than destroyed in fossil fuels.
LATEST: Businesses will be able to fine-tune a range of decisions-from hiring decisions and how a company constructs high-performance teams.
LATEST: With 2bn people expected to be over 60 years old in 2050 AI has the power to help them live healthy and productive lives while enabling the younger generations to start the businesses of the future.
LATEST: The growth rate for Self-paced Learning in the PreK-12 segment in China is negative at -8.4%.
LATEST: Indoor and vertical farming are not new concepts-a robot-run indoor farm in Kyoto, Japan, that recently opened will produce around 10 million heads of lettuce per year.
LATEST: Emissions per capita are projected to decline between 2010 and 2030 in all G20 economies except Argentina, China, India.
LATEST: The various initiatives on digital transformation within enterprises will be consolidated into one " digital vision " showing how their businesses will generate revenue by delivering new ...
LATEST: Battery electric vehicles are not expected to gain significant market share in the foreseeable future".
LATEST: The cost implications of the loss of passporting rights after the UK exits the European Union will weigh on re / insurers.
LATEST: The uncertainty about laws that govern the transmission of information about unpublished vulnerabilities could chill the advancement of security threat research.
LATEST: The global cognitive computing market is expected to surpass $49 billion by 2025.
LATEST: The global market for clean technology (cleantech) has surpassed $1 trillion per year and will continue to grow over the next decade.
LATEST: Norway will become the first country in the world to start shutting down its national FM radio network in favor of digital radio.
LATEST: China will not return to walking the old path of using capital controls under a planned economy.
LATEST: By 2050, the world's urban population will have increased by some 72%.
LATEST: Global businesses are increasingly recognising that by enhancing the resilience of vulnerable agricultural producers they have an opportunity to secure a sustainable future supply of important agri...
LATEST: Sixty percent of South African CFOs expect a recession by year-end, in contrast to 35 percent in Nigeria.
LATEST: Climate change is a quantifiable and systemic risk for investors.
LATEST: Authorities in Iraq have issued a contingency plan for the possible collapse of the Mosul dam amid fears that the lives of almost 1.5 million people along the Tigris river could be at risk from cat...
LATEST: The share of Americans who say the government is doing well in reducing the threat of terrorism has fallen by 26 percentage points and now stands at its lowest point in the post-9/11 era.
LATEST: Amazon is starting to look like a real threat to existing logistics networks.
LATEST: Many eye care providers are concerned that the added blue light exposure from computer screens, smartphones and other digital devices might increase a person's risk of macular degeneration late...
LATEST: Botnets will get larger and more powerful simply because the number of vulnerable devices will go up by orders of magnitude over the next few years.
LATEST: The economies of the European Union and Japan are expected to experience particularly weak growth.

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