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WHAT'S NEXT?: The number of smart homes is expected to grow further and by 2020 it is expected 46.2 million homes in the US and 44.9 million in Europe will be classed as smart homes. By 2022 there could be nearly 500 smart devices that can be connected to a smart home.

  • [New] Appeals by Haitian children to allow their families to stay have so far fallen on deaf ears despite Haiti's dire humanitarian conditions and acute vulnerability to climate change. OpenGlobalRights
  • [New] By the end of 2021, 1,600 of its food stores are expected to have an online offer with 80% of the UK population covered by click & collect and 60% covered by home delivery, supported by its new deal with Amazon. KamCity
  • [New] The Australian Government has provided a decision guide for frail older people which notably states their increased risk of contracting severe COVID-19 and death, 16-18 as well as the increased risk of transmission introduced in close proximity living environments such as nursing homes. Web
  • [New] South Asia, North Africa and Latin America follow as the potentially worst migration-hit regions with an estimated 40 million, 19 million and 17 million people respectively who will be forced to leave their homes because of the intense impacts of climate change. Energy Live News
  • [New] If immediate action is not taken, then rising sea levels, droughts, water scarcity, and decreasing crop productivity will force around 216 million people to lose their homes and migrate by 2050. Mashable India
  • [New] Using Argo's cloud-based infrastructure, designed to work seamlessly and efficiently with partners' business operations, Walmart will integrate its online ordering platform to route order and schedule package deliveries to customers' homes. DBusiness Magazine
  • [New] Every garment sold raises money to fight poverty around the world: one dress could raise enough money to buy drought / flood-resistant seeds for a family to keep growing food despite a changing climate. What's On Stirling
  • [New] The Energy Company Obligation scheme, which uses money raised from surcharges on energy bills to pay for efficiency measures such as insulation, could see 20,000 homes get new central heating systems with gas boilers. The Telegraph
  • [New] Xplornet will invest over $30 million to bring high-speed broadband services to more than 14,000 homes in Manitoba including over 7,000 new homes with FTTH. Inside Towers
  • [New] The Finance panel, which also has jurisdiction over health care entitlements, wants to accelerate the expansion of Medicare benefits, potentially through vouchers, compared to the House version of the bill that does not begin new dental benefits until 2028. Roll Call
  • [New] Some of the President's proposals will increase supply, including the Child Care for American Families Program, which will help drive prices down and decrease child care costs for American families. Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
  • [New] The President's plan will cut costs of child care by more than half for most American families, and enable them to access more convenient, higher quality care where workers receive a better wage and benefits. Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
  • [New] As the climate emergency makes vast tracts of the globe uninhabitable, Canada will need a strategy for how we will help the world respond to the needs of millions of climate migrants fleeing the impact of climate change in search of new homes and new opportunities. The Institute for Peace and Diplomacy
  • [New] We should be pursuing the much cheaper alternative of firmed renewables that will reduce power bills for Australian households and businesses while also reducing Australia's emissions. reneweconomy
  • [New] Proposed transmission lines across Australia within the Australian Energy Market Operator's (AEMO) Integrated Systems Plan have caused significant issues with land-use conflict amongst farmers, and now are leaving households out of pocket. National Farmers' Federation
  • [New] With sales and demand for electric vehicles increasing, EO's new partnership with ScottishPower will enable more consumers to purchase private charging stations which are compact and convenient for homes across the UK. 2021
  • [New] In the most climate-friendly scenario, with a low level of emissions and inclusive, sustainable development, the world could still see 44 million people being forced to leave their homes. AP News
  • [New] Climate change could push more than 200 million people to leave their homes in the next three decades and create migration hot spots unless urgent action is taken to reduce global emissions and bridge the development gap. AP News
  • [New] Residents in nine southern cities in Guangdong province, including Shenzhen and Guangzhou, will be able to buy offshore funds, bonds, and make. Central Banking
  • [New] In many developing countries, COVID-19-related measures requiring people to stay indoors and at home could increase exposure to indoors emissions. Frontiers
  • [New] As the effects of climate change continue to worsen over the coming decades, an estimated 216 million people will be forced to migrate from their homes by the year 2050. AOL

Last updated: 18 September 2021