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WHAT'S NEW?: Moves away from traditional, hierarchical, full-time structures towards a gig and shared economy continue apace. New models of virtual working and work anywhere, anytime for anybody are likely to grow dramatically in the coming years.

  • [New] Deal markets are expected to benefit from the huge amount of investment that will be required to transition the world's energy system from hydrocarbons to renewables. M&A Explorer
  • [New] The Ariane 6 will provide important mid-range launch capabilities but will likely face stiff competition from other companies, including SpaceX. Yahoo News
  • [New] The Philippines is set to be the first country in Southeast Asia where the SpaceX division will offer satellite-based internet services.
  • [New] The US has warned about the export to Russia of chemicals, microchips and other products that can be used in Moscow's war effort in Ukraine, and it could move to enforce existing bans. SowetanLIVE
  • [New] A marked year-long rise in exports to Russia leaves Turkish entities particularly vulnerable to reputational and sanctions risks, or lost access to Group of Seven markets. The Straits Times
  • [New] The United States has in recent days warned Turkey about the export to Russia of chemicals, microchips and other products that can be used in Moscow's war effort in Ukraine, and it could move to punish Turkish companies or banks contravening sanctions. The Straits Times
  • [New] U.S. support of an ineffective and brutal counterinsurgency led by a corrupt government illustrates Washington's unfamiliarity with the complex local situation and could further destabilize a country battling with socio-economic problems and religious marginalization. Responsible Statecraft
  • [New] China's exit from its stringent COVID-19 strategy toward the end of last year will be a key driver of stronger GDP growth in 2023. S&P Global Platts
  • [New] Rebounding from low production and drought, Canada and the United States are anticipated to be producing more oats in 2022/23 than in the year prior. Seeking Alpha
  • [New] The United States is expected to produce 837,000 metric tons of oats in the 2022/2023 crop year, or 3.6% of global production, up from only 578,000 metric tons and 2.7% of global production in 2021/2022. Seeking Alpha
  • [New] A fall in the export price of Russian oil below $50 per barrel (159 liters) could increase Russia's budget deficit by another 2.5 trillion ruble, forcing the Kremlin to increase yuan sales further. MSN
  • [New] In spite of the war in Ukraine, which has made many in the West avoid doing business with Russia, EDF is expected to resume sending uranium to Russia in 2023 as the only country able to process it. Reuters
  • [New] Even in countries like the USA where subscription video services have reached maturity, Omdia expects almost 40 million new SVOD subscriptions. Rapid TV News - Broadcast Technology Daily
  • [New] For ITC, ICICIdirect is expecting a 5.9% revenue growth on the back of strong growth in cigarettes, FMCG, paperboard & hotels business. Business Today
  • [New] Qualcomm plans to increase Snapdragon Satellite tv for pc past emergency messaging to open it up for extra social texting and information use, although it might be by means of a extra premium subscription service. OrbitBrain
  • [New] At the end of 2022, the German government published a plan to increase the production of geothermal energy tenfold by 2030 to 10 terawatt hours. Naharnet
  • [New] Many scholars at risk could not find entry to highly competitive academic labor markets in Europe and North America or could not integrate themselves during the period of their short scholarships to the dominant third-party funding systems for their research projects. OpenGlobalRights
  • CBD products can not meet safety standards for substances in animal food, the FDA said, and it will not give new rules allowing it to be used in animal food. Digital Journal Inc
  • The FDA plans to develop a new regulatory framework with Congress to ensure the safe use of CBD products. Digital Journal Inc
  • Businesses in Pakistan are at risk of closure due to a breakdown of supply chains as domestically manufactured goods rely on imported raw materials. Articles
  • New Boeing B787 Dreamliner aircraft, with 24 business class seats and 333 economy class seats, will join SAUDIA's fleet in 2023, along with the latest Airbus A321NX aircraft, that offer 20 business class seats and 168 economy class seats.
  • Boston Metal will use the injection of funds to expand production at a pilot plant in Woburn, near Boston, and help launch commercial production in Brazil. The Independent

Last updated: 06 February 2023