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WHAT'S NEW?: Moves away from traditional, hierarchical, full-time structures towards a gig and shared economy continue apace. New models of virtual working and work anywhere, anytime for anybody are likely to grow dramatically in the coming years.

  • [New] Bing may pose risks linked to generative AI, such as so-called hallucinations, deepfakes, as well as the automated manipulation of services that can mislead voters. TradingView
  • [New] Shifting to 100% sales of zero-emission cars and trucks coupled with renewable electricity could result in $1.2 trillion in public health benefits in the next 30 years. The Napa Valley Register
  • [New] While the world embraces carbon neutrality as the global strategy and most airports mean to achieve the zero-carbon goal by 2024 and net zero emissions by 2030, India's path to a decarbonised future could be accelerated greatly by green airport project initiatives. Economic Times
  • [New] More widely, green hydrogen created with renewable electricity offers a significant export opportunity for Scotland, with growing markets in the rest of the UK and Europe. The Herald
  • [New] What we do know is that the UK might need more tax revenue to control the impact on inflation of the additional government spending that is now required to meet the demand for government services. Funding the Future
  • [New] As the most populous nation in the world with growing digital penetration, it will be essential to safeguard any relevant data assets used by businesses while accelerating their AI innovation infrastructure. Techcircle
  • [New] Investing in education, training programs and research opportunities focused on AI and related technologies is essential for ensuring a skilled workforce capable of competing on the global scale. Techcircle
  • [New] We can expect to see Gen AI revolutionizing Indian businesses across sectors and unlocking new avenues for growth and significantly increasing productivity. Techcircle
  • [New] In the transformational era of artificial intelligence, India stands at the precipice of an economic transformation fueled by generative AI, which provides a wealth of opportunities for Indian businesses to stand out. Techcircle
  • [New] America's employers will evaluate their health plans, partnerships and vendors more closely this year as they try to create value, achieve higher quality and procure cost-effective services. American Hospital Association
  • [New] SEC officials have remarked on the transformational potential and the risks of using AI in the financial markets and in the provision of financial services. JD Supra
  • [New] Health is looking to become more commercial in outlook and double its income from private patients to reinvest in services, it has emerged - with hopes that it could generate £24m a year over the next five years. Bailiwick Express Jersey
  • [New] NASA is anticipated to collaborate with the private sector to support commercial innovation and procure commercial space services from the private sector. The Insight Partners
  • Shipments moving across the region from the Port of Halifax will realize moderate growth owing in part to growing container markets outside of China. Transport Canada
  • Compound AI systems will remain the best way to maximize the quality and reliability of AI applications going forward, and may be one of the most important trends in AI in 2024. The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Blog
  • Cities are the innovation centers of the US economy, but technological disruptions can exclude workers and inhibit a middle class. Nature
  • As a country with one of the most highly renewable electricity systems in the world already, and significant potential to generate new renewable electricity, we have a clear opportunity for green hydrogen production. The Beehive
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a security-as-a-service offering that Long View provides companies with everything they need to protect themselves against the evolving cyber threat landscape. Long View Systems
  • The data center in the city about 120 miles (190 kilometers) northeast of Indianapolis will help power Google's AI innovations and growing Google Cloud business for customers across the world. Tech Xplore
  • Google plans to invest $2 billion to build a data center in northeastern Indiana that will help power its artificial intelligence technology and cloud business. Tech Xplore
  • Political decision-making could prevent China from becoming a world-class AI player, as China worries about what AI could do to its citizens, disrupting authoritarian regimes. CNA

Last updated: 20 May 2024

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