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WHAT'S NEW?: Moves away from traditional, hierarchical, full-time structures towards a gig and shared economy continue apace. New models of virtual working and work anywhere, anytime for anybody are likely to grow dramatically in the coming years.

  • [New] Climate innovation is a powerful tool that can create jobs, increase energy reliability and resilience, improve the quality of life for all communities, and catalyze both progress and the game-changing breakthroughs that we will need to shift the U.S. economy to net-zero by 2050. Environmental Defense Fund
  • [New] The rise in the projected population of Nigeria and states like Lagos can be pointed out as another worrisome factor militating against effective distribution of services. Vanguard News
  • [New] Research and Markets has predicted the global IoT market to grow at a 13.2% CAGR during 2020-30, having attained a value of 34,504.8 million in 2019 and predicted to rise to $101 billion by 2030. The Financial Express
  • [New] China will open a China-SCO Business and Trade Institute to promote business and trade cooperation among SCO countries. a
  • [New] The actions President Joe Biden took this month to increase the number of workers who are vaccinated against COVID-19 will apply not just to most federal employees and larger businesses. Yahoo News
  • [New] U.S. production of new vehicles this fall will continue to be constrained by the chip shortage and the spread of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia. The Detroit News
  • [New] Assembly plants in southeast Asia have shut down as rising infection rates along with chip shortages - partly due to COVID - have led to a global shortage of semiconductors that will cut worldwide production by at least 7 million vehicles in 2021. Daily Profit Cycle
  • [New] Starlink could provide mobile internet services, suggesting that people with RVs could use Starlink to get internet service wherever they are. MobileSyrup
  • [New] Combined production from Indonesia, the Philippines and Brazil is expected to increase from a collective 1,160 kt in 2020 to 1,316.8 kt in 2021 - an increase of 13.5%.
  • [New] The production of solar panel production is dominated by China, and the import ban could pose a new challenge to bringing renewable energy to US households. Investor Ideas
  • [New] Some countries are forging ahead to offer third shots despite scant data, even though vaccinating unvaccinated people around the world would be an effective strategy for stopping the emergence of new variants that could respond worse to vaccines. The New Republic
  • [New] Unvaccinated employees will be required to get frequent COVID-19 tests, while vaccinated employees will receive infrequent tests if going into an office or store.
  • [New] As the first pre-production F-150 Lightning trucks roll out of Ford's new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center and demand soars for the all-electric truck, Ford today said it will increase investment and add jobs to boost production. Jackson Diehl
  • [New] 90% of mobile network operators that are launching 5G mobile services will offer 4G/5G fixed wireless access service even in markets with high fiber penetration. Inside Towers
  • [New] Tax administrations are investing significant resources in the development of e-services and digital solutions and are embracing opportunities for fast tracking digital transformation to improve their services, reduce burdens, and improve tax compliance. OECD
  • [New] With global offshore wind capacity set to soar over the coming decades, including the UK government targeting a four-fold increase by 2030, it is imperative that a solution to decarbonise CTV operations is brought to market quickly. Maritime Journal
  • [New] At the Youth Summit, several companies and organizations will pledge job opportunities for youth across the Caribbean for the next three years. Nestle
  • [New] Czech carmaker Skoda Auto, part of the Volkswagen group, will halt production at two domestic plants for a week at the end of September due to chip shortages. The Star
  • [New] Cyber risk: as data and analytics improve, Aon forecasts that cyber risk will move from complex and undermanaged into the insurance mainstream, where markets can adequately price and transfer risk. Actuarial Post
  • [New] The global market of smart machines should grow from $101.5 billion in 2021 to $211.7 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate of 15.8% for the period of 2021-2026. Business Wire
  • [New] While the EU decision reflects a traffic recovery that is well under way in Europe's mainly short-haul market, Asian carriers are protesting they will be unfairly penalised because their long-haul networks will take much longer to recover. Reuters
  • [New] New regulatory proposals by the EU and China will further add to the material risks investors and market participants are currently facing, which include the actual effects of climate change and the transition to low-carbon economy. updates-and-articles

Last updated: 20 September 2021