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Social changes

LATEST: 79 percent of millennials expect responses the same day when reaching out to brands online compared with 73 percent of Gen-Xers and 71 percent of baby boomers.
LATEST: Demand for set-up boxes is expected to expand 2.0 percent per year to $540 million in 2020.
LATEST: The number of Muslims with many children will grow rapidly.
LATEST: 88 full-blown smart cities will exist by 2025.
LATEST: Climate change could reduce agricultural productivity by up to a third across large parts of Africa over the next 60 years.
LATEST: Future research will need to be both agile in its grasp of technology and more rigorous in detailing the potential-and limits-of online content in radicalization to violence.
LATEST: UK consumer spending growth is projected to remain stronger than overall GDP growth at around 2.5% in 2016 and 1.3% in 2017.
LATEST: The Middle East and North Africa are likely to remain considerable sources of threat to the UK's interests.
LATEST: The rapid government changeover in the UK has boosted hopes that the divorce negotiations with the EU will lead to a settlement that maintains most trade links by combining substantial access to th...
LATEST: Continued growth through the end of the next decade will place all seven of the E7 countries among the 12 biggest economies in the world.
LATEST: Africa's continued journey towards full economic and social prosperity will only be achieved when women take the lead in setting the continent's development agenda and have equal opportunities to p...
LATEST: Parents forget that their children are going to grow up one day and Google themselves and all this content about them will already be out there.
LATEST: Technology is an integral part of Gen Z's lives and they will expect it to be seamless in their work experience.
LATEST: An influx of Millennials getting married and forming households will be the next big driver of growth.
LATEST: By 2020, Gen Z could constitute 40 percent of U.S. consumers.
LATEST: The conversational qualities of the new Google Assistant could give Home a big advantage over the Amazon Echo.
LATEST: Tillerson indicated that the US will no longer emphasize human rights when it interacts with other countries on security and economic issues.
LATEST: The global market for predictive analytics will reach $3.6 billion by 2020.
LATEST: By 2019, 75 percent of CIOs will recognize the limitations of traditional IT and embrace a leadership approach that embodies a virtuous cycle of innovation.
LATEST: Global Passenger Service System market is supposed to witness a high increase during the forecast years due to expanding risk of data theft and firm government regulation.
LATEST: Lyft projects a fully autonomous fleet in major markets within 5 years and further predicting that private car ownership will all-but-end within major U.S. cities by 2025.
LATEST: Packaging companies will substantially increase investment in Research & Development (R&D) over the next five years, meaning an R&D arms race may emerge as companies seek to develop ever more uniqu...
LATEST: The growth rate of remittances to developing countries is projected to fall from 3.3 percent in 2014 to 2.0 percent in 2015.
LATEST: Land-use changes will increase animal-tohuman interactions and globalization will raise the potential for rapid cross-regional spread of disease.
LATEST: The use of biometric data for authentication purposes is expected to have a significant impact on many businesses next year.
LATEST: UK households will be paying £100 more for their annual bills within five years to fund four government policies designed to keep the lights on and support low-carbon electricity.
LATEST: Demand for healthcare services is expected to result in strong job growth in the healthcare and social assistance sector.
LATEST: There is a concern that rising energy prices will drive more people into energy poverty.
LATEST: Due to rapid population growth, both Islam and Christianity are expected to have more than twice as many adherents in the region by 2050 as they did in 2010, according to our April report this year.
LATEST: Coal ash ponds pose risks to the environment and water resources.
LATEST: An upcoming Indonesian regulation will require pension and insurance funds to invest up to half their portfolios in government debt.
LATEST: The adoption of IoT will be much more similar to the traditional IT diffusion model (from businesses to consumers) than the consumer-led adoption of social media and personal mobility.
LATEST: China will wait for the WTO court decision-probably at least two years away-before applying retaliatory duties.
LATEST: By 2020, an estimated 12.5m jobs will become vacant in the UK as a result of older people leaving the workforce.
LATEST: Inheritance Tax will be charged on all UK residential property even when indirectly held by a non-domiciled person through an off-shore structure.
LATEST: The EU motor vehicle sector will face some increased competition from third countries on the EU and US market.
LATEST: Funding from private as well as public sectors is set to increase sharply in the near term which would anticipate the demand of cement industry in India.
LATEST: The sentiment in industrial metal markets will only be turned around once the Chinese economy has managed to post a series of robust macroeconomic figures.
LATEST: Implementing a circular economy in Scotland by 2050 could reduce carbon emissions by more than 10 million tons per year and create more than 5,000 new jobs by 2020.
LATEST: More than 10 million UK workers are at risk of being replaced within 15 years.
LATEST: A worst case scenario where the UK reverts to World Trade Organisation rules with the EU and Rest of World could see the cost of trade rise to £1.1bn per year.

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