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Social changes

LATEST: A difference in work ethics, values and expectations will be the greatest challenge in working in a multigenerational workforce.
LATEST: Social media is an already essential part of marketing and is expected to become more prominent as internet penetration and smart phone use increases.
LATEST: Several scientists believe that most humans will live a century or more, with some even forecasting that a child has already been born who will live for 150 years.
LATEST: The global market for smart city solutions and the services required to deliver them are unsurprisingly predicted to cost around £408bn by 2020.
LATEST: Québec revealed that it will be the first subnational government in the world to contribute to climate financing for developing countries.
LATEST: ISIS is currently the only terrorist group capable of mounting a credible autonomous threat.
LATEST: Russia could expand its market share in China, the second-largest oil consumer, this year after a drop in Brent prices relative to Middle East crude benchmark Dubai opened the arbitrage for Russian...
LATEST: The UK, France and Italy will call for a target of one to two hours to take down terrorist content wherever it appears.
LATEST: Many observers speculate that the incoming Trump administration will soften or even eliminate the 54.5 mpg U.S. (4.32 liters/100km) corporate average fuel economy target for the 2025 model year.
LATEST: EU pigmeat production is expected to increase only marginally over the coming decade (+0.2 % a year).
LATEST: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the share of women in the US workforce will peak at 47.1% in 2025 before tapering off.
LATEST: There will be more than 2 billion Alphas by 2025.
LATEST: Generation Z-ers will account for more than 20 percent of the workforce in the next five years.
LATEST: Millennials-today's youngest employees-are driving the growing contingent-labor trend because they expect to be able to work remotely or hold multiple jobs simultaneously.
LATEST: 68% of millennials who strongly agree they have had opportunities at work to learn and grow in the past year plan to be with their organization for at least another year.
LATEST: Demands are heard for "real" national elites that will reinstate borders and protect the nation instead of following the demands of global markets.
LATEST: The thought of an even more weaponized web fueled by advances in machine learning could bring one of the darker chapters in human history with the exception of a few global pandemics.
LATEST: Future governments will have to deal with a world in which artificial intelligence and automation will creep into every occupation.
LATEST: China's leadership will do all it can to maintain economic growth above 6.5% a year for the next two decades.
LATEST: One risk of a potential significant rollback of the current regulations is that it could slow down the momentum or innovation and isolate the U.S. from a technology and development perspective.
LATEST: The future of virtual reality will be linked to entertainment content generators producing and recording virtual reality content and developers continuing to create specific software.
LATEST: China will be the most important tourism market in the developing world over the next decade.
LATEST: In 2018, DG ECHO's support for Kenya will focus on assistance to refugees living in camps as well as the most vulnerable drought-affected populations in the hardest-hit counties in ASAL areas.
LATEST: The US will have to cut the use of hormone growth promotants (HGPs) in beef it exports to China.
LATEST: Emerging regions such as Asia-Pacific (including Japan, China, and India) are expected to become the new revenue-generating pockets in the clinical microbiology market in the next five years.
LATEST: By 2019, the Government will begin implementing robotics-specific regulations to preserve jobs and to address concerns of security, safety, and privacy.
LATEST: A1QA claims that in 2014 the number of mobile-connected devices exceeded the world's overall population and estimates there will be 11.5 billion mobile devices by 2019.
LATEST: Wage growth in the private sector and a modest real increase in pension payments in 2017 will support Russia's income growth and reduce poverty.
LATEST: By 2075 half the world or more will qualify as a failed state by today's standards and the other half will be corporate dictatorships.
LATEST: Competition for resources will impact Alliance security.
LATEST: Some sectors have ageing workforces and will need to consider succession planning and how best to transfer skills and knowledge to younger workers who will remain in the labour force.
LATEST: Water-related risks are destabilizing global energy markets.
LATEST: Shared rules between the UK and the EU on immigration controls, financial regulations and law and order could continue after Brexit.
LATEST: The growth in the demand for energy will slow from 8% per year in the 2000s to 1% per year in 2040.
LATEST: Persistently weak productivity gains in coming years could lead to a further slowdown in potential growth amid rising demographic pressures.
LATEST: By banning ivory trade, Hong Kong and China could cause a surge in black market ivory trade.
LATEST: Antigua & Barbuda's real GDP expansion will decelerate in the coming year as a result of moderating tourism growth and a severe drought.
LATEST: In the GCC and Algeria, Growth is now expected to slow more sharply because of tighter fiscal policy, weaker private sector confidence, and lower liquidity in the banking system.
LATEST: The loss of U.S. outposts around the world will mean diminished services to U.S. citizens when they travel.
LATEST: By 2016 UK primary schools will be judged against a new floor standard of 65% of students achieving the required standard in English and maths.
LATEST: China could reduce its overall capital account deficit by reducing the amount of capital directed to the United States and not replacing it with capital directed elsewhere.

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