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Social changes

LATEST: Baby boomers are less confident than ever that they will have enough money for a secure and comfortable retirement.
LATEST: Tractica reports that body sensors will account for 70 percent of the market while smart clothing will represent the remaining 30 percent.
LATEST: U.S. nonfarm payroll employment is projected to add just 9.3 million jobs over the coming decade.
LATEST: By 2020 about half the world's population will live in cities and over 300 cities in the developing world (middle-income and low-income countries) will have more than 1 million inhabitants.
LATEST: Climate change will influence the amount of water available to generate power.
LATEST: The international pressure on Turkey to prevent the movement of extremists and foreign fighters across its border will not only result in more border patrol units but will require spending on techn...
LATEST: Car sales in developing countries will outpace shared mobility's impact over the next 15 years.
LATEST: There's always the threat of terrorism or ISIS infiltrating the robotics realm.
LATEST: Donal Trump has described Estonia as the suburbs of St. Petersburg and not worth a confrontation with Russia that could risk nuclear war.
LATEST: Advanced-economy growth is expected to recover moderately to 1.8 percent in 2017.
LATEST: The contribution of women to global GDP growth could double between 2014 and 2025.
LATEST: Parents forget that their children are going to grow up one day and Google themselves and all this content about them will already be out there.
LATEST: By 2020, Gen Z could constitute 40 percent of U.S. consumers.
LATEST: Gen Xers only number about 53 million in the U.S., sandwiched between about 78 million boomers and 80 million millennials.
LATEST: Next year, SK innovation and LG Chem will produce the first generation of NCM 811 battery cells to be used in electric cars.
LATEST: The fall in UK wage growth is expected to contribute to mounting pressure on household finances through 2017.
LATEST: Asian countries, excluding China, are expected to make the largest contribution to the volume increase of wheat for human consumption.
LATEST: Big data and artificial intelligence will become much more powerful and interact more completely with the physical world.
LATEST: The USA will continue to rely on foreign workers unless government officials and business leaders cooperate.
LATEST: A 21st Century modern Glass-Steagall could allow the US to better "tailor regulation" in a way that increases lending.
LATEST: By 2026, sports media will be live or be on digital social platforms.
LATEST: London offices will suffer a "low double-digit fall" in values over the next two years.
LATEST: In return the EU will discuss plans to resettle in Europe some refugees already in Turkey.
LATEST: There is an increased risk that the UK may reduce standards to facilitate trade with non-EU countries.
LATEST: Car-sharing services could allow members to store their preferences in the cloud and then download them to the vehicle.
LATEST: Investment strategy will have to adapt and change in response to the volatile political situations in Europe and the United States.
LATEST: In 2050, most of the urban population of the world will be concentrated in Asia (52 per cent) and Africa (21 per cent).
LATEST: More people will be food insecure and will require humanitarian relief assistance for the whole of the 2016/17 consumption year.
LATEST: The world is facing another global conflict and a fast response is needed to deal with the threat.
LATEST: Significant time and resources could be saved for women with an opportunity to make a payment digitally.
LATEST: Recent estimates from the World Bank indicate that ageing populations and changing disease trends will generate an unprecedented demand for around 40 million new health workers by 2030, mostly in m...
LATEST: Populist policies in the US could weaken the US dollar in the coming years.
LATEST: Critics of the Federal Communications Commission's proposal to regulate Internet privacy argue the agency's new rules will confuse consumers and ultimately lead to higher prices.
LATEST: The expansion of the middle class in emerging giants is expected to increase dramatically the demand for transport services and the level of car ownership and to support oil demand growth.
LATEST: A border adjustment tax will slash corporate tax avoidance and attract manufacturing corporations back to the United States.
LATEST: China will be using trillions in investment and trade to get more overseas bases and access.
LATEST: Government investment in accommodating migrants and enhancing border security could lift growth in some European countries by up to 0.5 percent.
LATEST: Mr Turk has expressed confidence that all of the asylum seekers who have been held on Nauru and Manus Island for more than three years will be settled elsewhere following the deal with the United S...
LATEST: More than 40 percent of the US$12 trillion in business opportunities associated with the Global Goals around the world are in Asia.
LATEST: A third (37%) of today's students are sure that the job they are aiming for will exist in 10 years.
LATEST: In spite of a slightly higher TFR, Japan is further along the demographic curve than its neighbours, and will eventually become the "the oldest society the world has ever known" by 2050.

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