This site is a web-based, not a server-side service. We recommend the latest version of Firefox, Opera, Safari. Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. The website is tested and will work with any of these. Previous versions of Internet Explorer are not recommended due to IE security issues. We recommend that you upgrade from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome at the earliest opportunity.

The only third-party plugin we use is Flash; there are no Java plugins. No minimum Flash version is specified. Cookies and JavaScript need to be enabled for the site to function properly. Being a web service we support the use of NATS.

JavaScript is used throughout the site and a PDF reader is recommended for viewing certain documents. The PDF files that are downloadable from the site will open in any Acrobat Reader. JavaScript versions tend to be specific to the web browser and works with IE 9.0 or later, Firefox, Chrome or Safari with JavaScript enabled.

The site runs on any computer capable of running the above browsers and there are no special hardware requirements. The service places minimal burden on the client as all processing is done in the cloud on our servers.

Communication between your computer and our server is encrypted using the HTTPS standard.

The minimum required bandwidth for Internet service is 256kbs.

We maintain a full security checklist which can be available to prospective client IT teams on request. Please contact us for the checklist using the free-form message box below.

Indemnity cover
Shaping Tomorrow has:
£2,000,000 professional indemnity cover in the European Union
£5,000,000 professional liability cover in the European Union

Policy number:
HU PI6 1509474