We seek to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance in all that we do and endeavor to live up to the following policies at all times.

Vision: "Making Better Decisions Today"

"We seek to put our service at the fingertips of every decision-maker in the world."

We strive to:

  • promote the benefits and use of strategic foresight for the benefit of humanity;
  • share future-oriented knowledge, mental models and different approaches among analysts and decision makers offering mid-long-term perspectives in business, politics, and society;
  • connect silos, challenge mindsets, develop instincts to share and encourage collective analysis of possible futures;
  • contribute to the understanding of possible futures of business, government, and society, through taking a global perspective;
  • initiate public dialog about possible futures;
  • support business, governments, and societies, in creating their preferred future;
  • seek a widespread educational presence at every level; courses and programs in every school and college worldwide with ongoing assessment;
  • present vast amounts of trends, uncertainty and wildcard information in simple collections and systematic ways that allow people and organizations to quickly know what they don't know.
  • develop AI as a digital assistant to human thinking and creativity.

We believe that:

  • the future is open;
  • everyone is a futurist;
  • futures can be influenced by human choices and actions;
  • futures thinking is largely about what to do now;
  • futures thinking is very much about balancing the demands of the present against those of the future;
  • one volunteer is worth ten pressed men in creating valuable contributions to the future

We follow the guidelines that future studies ought to:

  • focus on interacting dynamics that potentially create fundamental change over 5 to 25 years and more;
  • be trans-disciplinary, due to the complex nature of the future;
  • be non-manipulative in both the framing of questions and the creation of strategically relevant implications and outputs;
  • promote participation and affirmation of the people concerned;
  • be based on scientific principles, by using an adequate methodology, peer-reviewed, analysis and transparent assumptions;
  • produce practical results and new options supporting the decision-making process;
  • facilitate the creation of a sustainable world;
  • inspire, engage, enable, irritate and spur the imagination.
  • make our system completely transparent wherever possible 

Sustainable values 
We act first as a global citizen, seeking always to do good for everyone.

We focus on:
•    long-term strategy, not just short-term gains
•    strong corporate governance
•    sound risk-management practices

and support The Earth Charter Initiative to promote the transition to sustainable ways of living and a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, quality education, ecological integrity, gender equality, universal human rights, partnerships, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace and decent work.

We operate a near-zero carbon emission and water-use policy through  our virtual business model:
working virtually, with no company offices, direct energy needs and minimum company equipment
•    minimizing the use of servers
•    using only public transport except for local or difficult  journeys and not flying domestically
•    limiting overseas travel to client needs and only important conferences where associates gather
•    minimizing the use of water and paper and encouraging others to use electronic publishing
•    using free telepresence services to hold conferences, deliver demonstrations and train people
•    selecting on-line suppliers who similarly practice sustainable strategies
•    insisting on fair labor practices throughout our supply chain
•    encouraging contributors to work as equals with pride, a joy of tinkering, the
    urge to perfect and without the need for wasteful hierarchy and human  

Our beliefs

  • we believe people are basically good and want to contribute to a better world.
  • we believe everyone has something to contribute and we inspire, engage and enable them to do so.
  • we recognize and respect everyone as unique people and try to help them use all of their talents at all times.
  • we encourage everyone we work with to treat others in a similar fashion.
  • we do not seek to gain an unfair advantage at the cost of anyone nor disadvantage them versus our other stakeholders.

We try to provide everyone who contributes here with autonomy, the ability to demonstrate mastery of their interests and the tools achieve their purposes. 

For our part we also seek to be:

  • (F)oresightful future-focused, enlightening, stimulating
  • (U)nmatched unique, amazing, peerless
  • (T)rustworthy responsible, secure, dependable
  • (U)niversal global, systematic, comprehensive
  • (R)eliable  timely, consistent, communicative
  • (E)xcellent quality, value, helpful

We provide:

  • a flexible electronic framework to present, discuss and debate the future.
  • our purpose is to rise above short-term, tactical considerations and provide longer-term links to strategic perspectives.
  • we aim to present diverse views on the future in an orderly but non-rigid manner and across all major drivers for change.
  • we present others judgments about demographic and natural resource trends based primarily on informed extrapolation.
  • in contrast, we also present others judgments and scenarios about science and technology, economic growth, globalization, governance, and the nature of conflict among many representing the views of experts from around the world.
  • we similarly present methodologies for creating views on the future and tools to convert these into vision, values, and strategies for use in day to day action planning.
  • consequently, our site contains both projections on both natural phenomena based on a high degree of certainty and more speculative projections. A judgment of their personal impact is therefore required by our members.
  • we seek to de-mystify the future and dramatically accelerate organizations ability to cope and adapt quickly to change.
  • we embrace key futurists tenets: think the unthinkable, acknowledge the interconnectedness of things, ask the difficult questions (without necessarily answering them) and be prepared to present contentious solutions.
  • as a result, we intend that our members can explore the future more quickly and with confidence and certainty than may have previously been the case.
  • as members of the community of futurists, forecasters, and strategic planners we do not ask for or give out sensitive information unless part of an authorized project with written security clearances. We strongly denounce any form of international or commercial espionage.

We adopt a precautionary approach:

  • researchers should conduct their activities according to the precautionary principle, anticipating the possible negative results of their work and taking due precautions.
  • research should be comprehensible to the public, respect fundamental rights and be carried out in the interest of the well-being of individuals and society.
  • research should be safe, ethical and contribute to sustainable development.
  • accountability for the social, environmental, technological and political effects of our research should lie with those conducting it.
  • participation by researchers should be allowed and the right to access to information should be provided.
  • research should meet the best standards.
  • governance of research activities should encourage maximum creativity, flexibility, and planning ability for innovation and growth.

As professionals we:

  • pursue future activities with integrity, accountability, and competence and encourage tolerance of diversity, but not of mediocrity.
  • disclose any personal interest which might be seen to influence member decisions.
  • practice an open style of interaction so far as is consistent with commercial needs.
  • keep up-to-date with developments and continue to develop personal competence.
  • safeguard confidential information and not seek personal advantage from it.
  • encourage the development and maintenance of quality and continuous improvement in all futures-related activities.
  • we try to see things differently
  • we spur creativity in other people
  • we focus on opportunity even if a perceived threat
  • we refuse to accept the status quo
  • we bring ideas to life
  • we learn and unlearn
  • we refuse to say the word 'can't
  • we accept challenges with passion and enthusiasm
  • we embrace change rather than shy away from it
  • we listen to people who are different from us
  • we live for the opportunity to have ideas challenged and debated
  • we say " how can we make it work" rather than say "it won't work"

and, as a result, we open your windows to see continued survival and let the light shine in on the boundless opportunities for your future success.

As regards others, in addition to the above, we:

  • never seek to do harm to others or the environment
  • encourage and assist others to develop their potential.
  • have regard to matters of conscience to others.
  • never give someone a financial or another advantage to encourage that person to perform their functions or activities improperly or to reward that person for having already done so
  • comply with anti-discrimination legislation and treat people fairly and equally so that no one group is treated less favorably than others.
  • are committed to meeting our legal and moral obligations of eliminating discrimination and promoting equality on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race (including ethnic or national origin, color or nationality) , religion or belief (including lack of belief), sex and sexual orientation. All persons associated with the Company have a responsibility to comply with this policy.

  • have regard to the needs, pressures, and problems of others and do not discriminate on grounds other than those demonstrably necessary for the task at hand.

  • establish and develop continuing and satisfactory relationships based on mutual confidence.
  • ensure truthfulness in all communications.
  • we constantly work to reduce costs and make the future accessible to everyone.

As regards ourselves we:

  • vigorously promote our aim, values, and strategies;
  • uphold our integrity and good standing and refrain from conduct which detracts from our reputation;
  • observe the requirements of this code of professional practice as it may be reviewed and re-issued from time to time.
  • uphold lawful policies and practices;
  • identify and communicate relevant policies, practices, and information;
  • safeguard the assets and intellectual property of the organization vigorously;
  • seek to help develop the futures field into a full-fledged, highly valuable industry.

Social Responsibility
We seek to help society achieve better futures through:

  • open access to our content, tools and public network at no cost
  • providing free partner sites to not-for-profits and academic institutions
  • paying our taxes
  • providing work to our contributors

Web Content
We endeavor to:

  • focus on newly emerging and arriving global ideas relevant to tomorrow's society.
  • present links particularly relevant to business and government.
  • link to sites and materials in the no-low consciousness of the public with potential macro, not micro impacts.
  • provide access to quality sites (accessible, readable, interesting and thought-provoking except where non-mainstream, but highly valid, views mean acceptance of lower quality.)
  • take a balanced view (including opposing views), where relevant and available, to provide a broad but concise view from which our clients can explore further. Please note that we cannot verify the veracity of claims made by any third parties.
  • we ask you to particularly note that framed sites do not imply endorsement by us and that we have no ownership of, or control over, any framed pages at this site and that copyright rests with the third party owner.
  • where useful we also show the country of origin and the URL extension of the linked page. these are becoming increasingly confused and we cannot guarantee accuracy. Members are recommended to conduct their own further inquiries before undertaking any commercial arrangement with any linked individual or organization.

Social reasonability

We seek to help society achieve better futures through:

  • open access to our content, tools and public network at no cost
  • providing free partner sites to not-for-profits and academic institutions
  • paying our taxes
  • providing work to our contributors

Future Development

We never stop making enhancements to our site.
If you would like to offer ideas for further improvement please use the free-form message below.