What's New - 22 June 2021

We have listened to your helpful feedback regarding the ‘Publish’ component of our service that automatically generates slide presentations. Today, we are delighted to introduce a brand new facility that:

  • produces instant presentations (no need to wait for a subsequent email)
  • contains inbuilt hyperlinks so you can drill into relevant information directly
  • view related questions to cross-check your thinking
  • works directly in your browser without the need for access to Google Drive

Shaping Tomorrow Instant horizon scanning presentations

Additionally you can:

  • share the slides with others
  • export the underlying data directly to Excel
  • access a range of related visualisations directly via a link on the ‘Introduction’ slide. 

Also, if you prefer to make your slides via Google Drive, you can continue to do that too.

Shaping Tomorrow, what's new

We of course welcome your continued feedback.

Best wishes,

The Shaping Tomorrow Team