Technology scouts

Technology scouts can track the latest strategic developments using our horizon scanning system.

You can use our systematic approach to gather information in the field of science and technology and facilitate or execute technology sourcing. Our technology scouting is either directed at a specific technological area or undirected, identifying relevant developments in technological white spaces using our robot. We also use formal and informal information sources, including a network of scouts.

You can use our technology scouting to  provide you with the critical technologies you seek through highly effective external knowledge searches that:

  • Develop new offerings by integrating or adapting technology that has already been used elsewhere
  • Mine earlier stage technologies that might not yet be on competitors’ radars
  • Work with us and partners to amplify what can be done with limited internal resources such as funding, people, or facilities
  • Work with innovation partners to gain access to market or technical expertise not present in the company
  • Treat external technologies as the most viable sources of a Plan B
  • Keep out of trouble with non-exclusive rights in intellectual property

You can also use or ask us to evaluate promising technlogies using our embedded methods including:

  • White space: how much uncontested opportunity space is there?
  • Tech review: how will this technology change the paradigm?
  • Technology: is this technology sufficiently viable to pursue further?

What they say:

  • "I have been in the business of using commercial Opensource S&T technology scouting and foresight to aid in the discovery of new and emerging science and technology that might impact the areas of defence and security for the past 10 years. The services provided by Shaping Tomorrow, and personally by Mike Jackson, have greatly influenced and shaped that process over the period. I have recommended this service to others within the Canadian government without reservation. The thoroughness of Shaping Tomorrow staff in providing tailored solutions to my needs and willingness to provide guidance were greatly appreciated. I continue to be a strong supporter and user of the site (and training, by means of Mike’s Practical Foresight Guide). I am looking forward to many years of collaboration with Shaping Tomorrow. By far and away, S.T. is the epitome of a commercial foresight operation. Mike: Thank you for all of your hard work in the past and for all of our future collaboration into, as yet, uncharted terrain."
    Brian Staples, Defence Research and Development Canada

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