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  • [New] Business ventures and initiatives by leading players to incorporate new technology and improve component performance will boost the Global Connected Cars Market globally.
  • [New] An evaporative cooling system can be up to 75% cheaper than traditional air cooling and is most effective in the American Southwest, where Microsoft plans to build two data centers in Arizona that will utilize evaporative cooling. gray
  • [New] The popularization of wearable technology in countries like the United States and Canada provides the North American wearable AI market with a leading market share of over 35% by 2026. Market Data Forecast
  • [New] U.S. officials issued new warnings Friday about China's ambitions in artificial intelligence and a range of advanced technologies that could eventually give Beijing a decisive military edge and possible dominance over health care and other essential sectors in America. AP News
  • [New] Deep fake technology could be used against the United States and its allies to generate false news reports, influence public discourse, erode public trust, and attempt blackmail of government officials. Congressional Research Service
  • [New] The UK government will encourage the design and development of the next generation of AI systems in the UK and will support UK businesses across sectors to adopt them on a larger scale. Law360
  • [New] We are going to see a lot of workstreams to strengthen the European cloud ecosystem and the cloud ecosystem in Europe as well as next-generation technologies for manufacturing and edge cloud which will help what the European providers can offer. Tech Monitor
  • [New] Intel plans to reserve capacity at its chip factory in Ireland for automakers and help them shift to using its technology. Reuters
  • [New] The Baltic country highlighted the need to scale up investments in artificial intelligence, noting that most of the new applications of this disruptive technology were concentrated in the United States and China.
  • [New] New research out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrates how blockchain technology could be used as a communication tool for a team of robots, providing security against deception. Impact Lab
  • [New] A study conducted last year by the Haut Conseil pour le Climat, an individual body tasked with advising the French government on climate policies, found that 5G technology could cause a significant increase in carbon emissions. Verdict
  • [New] In a project that is focused on military users but could provide lessons for healthcare and other services, the agency within the Ministry of Defence has set up a new innovation focus area on next generation wearable technology. UKAuthority
  • [New] For the first time in eight months, the global shortage of computer chips will not force General Motors to close any North American factories. Tech Xplore
  • [New] Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, and Japan appear to push for further investment in climate capture techniques, technologies that could capture carbon from the atmosphere and permanently store it underground. IFLScience
  • [New] A lack of computer chips and other pandemic disruptions have severely curtailed auto manufacturing, with 7.7 million cars simply not being made in 2021. Forbes
  • [New] Quantum technology could support innovation in a myriad of industries but will require significant investment across several economic sectors. Nextgov
  • [New] The QKD market is expected to grow to approximately $20bn worldwide in FY2035 and Toshiba has already established a business in Cambridge to make QKD systems based on discrete optical components. eeNews Europe

Last updated: 25 October 2021