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  • [New] Brazil's most polarised election in decades will decide whether to return to power the leftist leader who spent time in jail on corruption convictions or the right-wing populist who has attacked the voting system and threatened to contest defeat. The Edge Markets
  • [New] Using strategies and knowledge from the world of digital assets and blockchain technology, Nested plans to create a user-friendly environment. TechBullion
  • [New] A next-generation Tesla bot, which was rolled on stage by staff, will use Tesla-designed components, including a 2.3 kWh battery pack carried in its torso, a chip system and actuators to drive its limbs. RNZ
  • [New] Micron Technology MU, +2.06% stock rose more than 2% after a report that Japan will grant it a $320 million subsidy to make advanced memory chips at its Hiroshima plant. MarketWatch
  • [New] P&G will now be able to digitize and integrate data from more than 100 manufacturing sites around the world and enhance AI, ML, and edge computing services for real-time visibility. CIO
  • [New] The city of Las Vegas is betting heavily that its move deep into innovation and technology, with intergovernmental, public and private cooperation, will benefit communities and solve real-world problems. TechRepublic
  • [New] China might pressure foreign companies to transfer technologies to local peers, or require companies like Apple to buy local components. Reuters
  • [New] The United States Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology could develop health IT certification criteria that assess the ability of EHR systems to support data lifecycles. National Academy of Medicine
  • [New] There was a fear many European countries did not have sufficient back up systems to handle widespread power outages which could occur as winter hits, leading to the prospect of mobile network problems. Mobile World Live
  • [New] The addition of Atom Computing helps further position Colorado as an economic leader for the next big wave of technology development and will create more good-paying jobs for Coloradans. The Denver Post
  • [New] With the potential to save up to $18 billion in power system costs and 80 million tons of carbon emissions annually, grid-interactive efficient buildings are critical to achieving a modern, carbon-free energy system. Smart Electric Power Alliance
  • [New] GM to Invest $760 Million in Toledo Plant to Make Important Part for EVs: General Motors has said it will invest $760 million at its Toledo Propulsion Systems plant to prepare to make drive units for electric vehicles. Inside Climate News
  • [New] EY Ireland's expanding data analytics and technology consulting team, encompassing 220 people, will run and manage AI Labs to deploy a set of advanced technology client solutions and highly specialised client services.
  • [New] Early warning systems can be designed to monitor escalatory risks for the perpetration of conflict-related sexual violence itself, strengthening U.S. government atrocity prevention early warning efforts overall. United States Institute of Peace
  • [New] The new U.S. strategy recognizes early warning systems - a critical prevention tool that assesses a country's level of risk for violence - as central to identifying escalatory atrocity risks. United States Institute of Peace
  • [New] Technology unlocks on Kraft Heinz's radar include ways to eliminate non-recognisable ingredients from back-of-pack, but will go broader than ingredient innovation alone, the R&D lead stressed.
  • [New] Adding the systems needed to run a newbuild ship on methanol or ammonia could add up to 16% to the construction cost. Ship & Bunker
  • [New] AI Labs will expand EY's existing technology consulting business across AI, automation, machine learning and big data over the next three years. Silicon Republic
  • [New] UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SYSTEM: By 2030, the University of California System will cut in half the proportion of its 280,000-person student body facing food insecurity - reducing the reported rate among undergraduates from 44% to 22% and among graduate students from 26% to 13%. The White House
  • [New] One large company has restructured its business by launching cloud and edge computing services, whose rate of growth is expected to outpace that of their O & G business in a few years. World Oil
  • China's AI technology and industry is in the best period of development opportunities, provided that the talent strategy is well formulated and implemented, so that there is no longer the need to go abroad to learn, and a national school can be created. Modern Diplomacy

Last updated: 03 October 2022