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  • [New] By supporting the development of innovative cold chain solutions that run off clean energy, the OGCCC will catalyse the technology and business model innovations required to make cold chain technology more accessible for smallholder farmers in the Global South. / Efficiency for Access
  • [New] NorthStar is currently working on a constellation of satellites for SSA services, and plans to later develop a separate constellation for hyperspectral Earth imaging. / the weekly ledger
  • [New] Italy sees the green transition as an opportunity to embark on another stage of its technological leaders' international expansion and, unlike many other EU states that have succeeded in developing RES, it is not inclined to politicize economic cooperation. / Russian Council
  • [New] Italy regards the green transition as an opportunity to embark on another stage of international expansion for its technological leaders and, unlike many other EU states, is not inclined to politicize economic cooperation. / Russian Council
  • [New] Earlier in 2021 Walmart said of its 2021 capital investment plan, around $14 billion will focus on supply chain, automation, customer-facing initiatives and technology. / RIS News
  • [New] China and global wind power market: Prominent regions China is projected to dominate the wind power market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period. / Trade Arabia
  • [New] Governmental initiatives for achieving subsidy-free grid price parity for wind power are anticipated to boost the China and global wind power market in the near future. / Trade Arabia
  • [New] Rise in demand for electricity and continuous technological advancements regarding parts used in wind turbines are creating lucrative opportunities for the wind power market in China and across the globe. / Trade Arabia
  • [New] Brazil has developed policies to guarantee food security and minimize food vulnerability, seeking to guarantee access to sustainable water and food. / Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • [New] While North America, China, Europe and Developed economies of Asia stand to benefit the most of AI, developing economies will have more modest increases in AI impacting their gross domestic products due to much lower rates of AI technology adoption. / The Fintech Times
  • [New] A climate-centric infrastructure bill will position states like Colorado to capitalize on further investment and innovation and accelerate the private sector's transition to clean energy and an electric-powered transportation system. / The Colorado Sun
  • [New] Almost two-thirds of China's 1.4 billion people live in cities compared with a third two decades ago, and coping with future calamities will depend on building infrastructure, most notably flood prevention and drainage systems. /
  • [New] Aqueduct, an online geographic information system (GIS) tool produced by the WRI to map global water-related risks, reveals Africa's extensive exposure to water-related risks. / Brookings
  • [New] For lasers and high-powered microwaves, AFRL sees great potential - including for future weapons systems that use artificial intelligence to identify and target enemy threats at machine speeds. / Breaking Defense
  • [New] The VERITAS Vision System is now available for ophthalmologists across the United States, Europe and select markets in the Asia Pacific region to use in their treatment of cataracts and will be available later in 2021 in Chile and Brazil. / Medical Device News Magazine
  • [New] As major disruptions continue to strain global supply networks, cloud-based technologies will continue to play a central role in building resilient supply chains that keep goods moving without interruption. / Oracle
  • [New] Russia - which has made no secret of its artificial intelligence ambitions - is building a cadre of AI-enabled, autonomous weapon systems that could one day threaten the United States. / National Defense Magazine
  • [New] The MQ-9B system will bring unparalleled reconnaissance capability to the RAF and help to ensure the security of the UK and its allies. / sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  • [New] The future focus of AI will be how researchers create systems that allow robots to work hand-in-hand with humans. / Tech Xplore
  • [New] The NSW government committed to appointing a Consumer Trustee as part of its legislated plan to drive new clean energy investment and will be tasked with undertaking long-term planning of the NSW energy system in the long-term interests of consumers. / reneweconomy
  • [New] Saudi Arabia could become a global leader in enabling heavy lift cargo solutions, and serve as a hub for emerging drone technologies. / The European Sting - Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology -
  • [New] Today, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is working with governments and companies in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America to co-design and pilot agile policies that bring all the social and economic benefits of drone technology while minimizing its risks. / The European Sting - Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology -
  • [New] American LegalNet empowers law firms with innovative litigation workflow management technologies to mitigate risks, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce costs so law firms can focus on their core competencies. /

Last updated: 26 July 2021