HR managers

Every worker and HR manager will find our horizon scanning system essential to make future career and workforce plans.

and Gartner predicts that 40% of middle class jobs could be lost by 2020. Even, if they are half right every business needs to know which jobs will disappear and appear and to plan for a different future.

Gartner research has found that many CEOs are failing to recognize the widespread and deep business impact that smart machines will have through 2020.The bottom line is that many CEOs are missing what could quickly develop to be the most significant technology shift of this decade.”

We help HR Managers understand:

  • who of the current workforce are at risk of machine replacement and market place changes
  • who will need re-training and in what
  • which new jobs will be required and by when
  • how the shape of their workforce will likely change over time

We provide them with the tools and knowledge to:

  • forecast resource needs over time
  • prepare scenarios under different forecast conditions
  • prepare well-researched reports on their future job market
  • change the forecast  and scenarios at will as the future unfolds

Our resource forecasting:

  • Projects likely activity levels in key areas where the bulk of human resources (and particularly the areas of the workforce affected by aging / retirement) are concentrated, over the next 15 years. 
  • Creates a baseline, do nothing forecast based on past and current productivity levels by key workforce roles and which identifies fixed and variable posts for capacity projections.
  • Uses the full set of evidence findings and scenario outputs to build workforce forecasts by role with noted underlying assumptions as to how these forecasts can be achieved.
  • Combines forecasts to create a preferable, probable and possible workforce plan showing where the flex points, gaps and key uncertainties will likely be.
  • Applies the current workforce statistics to highlight which roles are likely to disappear and when, which jobs will need re-orienting through skills upgrades and which new competencies and skills will be required to meet emerging opportunities and threats.
  • Highlights options and strategies for addressing succession planning, future training needs and retention issues among the workforce. 

"The Shaping Tomorrow workshop was incredibly valuable in demonstrating the potential use of the integrated foresight, strategy and change tools - I am impressed with how widely the tools can be applied to our daily work and how the systematic approach ensures that we cover-off areas we perhaps wouldn't think of including in our analysis. I really like its systematic approach and the fact that it can be used in diverse areas such as policy formulation, forecasting, provision of advice to senior levels of government etc. Thank you very much!"
Raana Asgar, DAFF Australia

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