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WHAT'S NEXT?: AI will replace 16% of jobs over the next decade. A billion people will enter the job market over the next ten years.

  • [New] Labour will ensure the safe development and use of AI models by introducing binding regulation on the handful of companies developing the most powerful AI models and by banning the creation of sexually explicit deepfakes. The Fintech Times
  • [New] If India invests properly in primary education, higher education and vocational training, we can ensure that within Asia, we will be the leaders. Goa Chronicle
  • [New] We expect the U.S. economy to again rely on productivity improvement to achieve the projected 2.0% growth more heavily than in Canada where, as in the past, additional hours of work (i.e., more labour) are likely to play a more important role. JD Supra
  • [New] France's major ports, including Le Havre and Marseille-Fos, face significant disruption as labour unions plan multiple one-day strikes and four-hour work stoppages this month to protest pension reforms increasing the retirement age. Radiant World Trade Services
  • [New] As more people across the UK get used to working with AI, we can expect to see a shift in how employees make the most of their time at work. theHRDIRECTOR
  • [New] Over half of workers believe AI will affect their role in the next five years - but only 4% expect to lose their job to AI (compared to over a quarter being 'very worried' about losing their job to AI in summer 2023). theHRDIRECTOR
  • [New] Touching upon the combined impact of employment and inflation in the US, the investment bank now expects a lower degree on interest rate cut in the US in 2024. Devdiscourse
  • [New] With the US economy having created far more jobs than expected in May and consumer inflation in the country still looming above a comfortable range, its central bank Federal Reserve is unlikely to tinker with policy rates ahead of the much-awaited Presidential election scheduled later in 2024. Devdiscourse
  • [New] Minnesota's new pay transparency legislation will compel employers with 30 or more employees to disclose starting salary ranges and a general description of benefits and other compensation for job openings. Forbes
  • [New] In Illinois, the new pay transparency law mandates that employers with 15 or more employees disclose the wage or salary range and a general description of benefits and other compensation expected for a position. Forbes
  • [New] Hawaii requires employers with 50 or more employees to disclose hourly rates or salary ranges in job listings that reflect the expected compensation. Forbes
  • [New] Germany is grappling with a critical labour shortage and aging population, with projections indicating a deficit of 7 million skilled workers by 2035. Times of Oman
  • [New] Cities around the world are confronting threats from climate change and societal challenges brought on by migration, public health crises and new ways of working. HOK
  • [New] The Renewable Workforce Roundtable is an opportunity for industry, education experts and government to collaborate and create pathways to jobs in the renewable energy sector, which are popping up right across NSW. NSW Government
  • [New] Investments in critical mineral projects create good job opportunities for workers, provide more avenues for innovation in Canada, and reduce nationwide emissions. NAI500
  • [New] Louisiana has a historic opportunity for investment, jobs, growth, innovation, and global impact. BIZ - Northwest Louisiana
  • [New] The CDC maintains its assessment that the risk to the general public from H5N 1 is low, though people who work with infected animals have a higher risk and should wear protective clothing and take additional precautions to avoid getting sick. CNN
  • [New] Tata is moving to a greener form of production, using an electric arc furnace - which needs fewer workers, leaving jobs at risk. Kent Online
  • [New] India's workforce in green jobs, currently at 20%, is expected to double by 2030, covering sectors like solid waste management, agriculture, water waste management, and emerging areas like green transportation and hydrogen. National Skills Network
  • Funding proposals for Labour's flagship election pledge of a new state-owned investment company do not make sense and could risk a permanent exodus from the UK's energy sector. The Sunday Post
  • The UK government has pledged funding for the provision of occupational health services which will support employees with mental health issues to stay in work. British Safety Council

Last updated: 17 June 2024

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