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WHAT'S NEXT?: AI will replace 16% of jobs over the next decade. A billion people will enter the job market over the next ten years.

  • [New] A blowout US jobs report for July means the Federal Reserve will probably need to keep going with the most aggressive rate hikes in decades to curb demand and inflation. Moneycontrol
  • [New] The Labor Department's employment report showed the U.S. economy added 528,000 jobs in July, more than double the 250,000 expected, while wage inflation remained hot and the participation rate edged lower. Moneycontrol
  • [New] As many as 1.5m jobs would be created in new clean energy roles, while Rewiring America, another research firm, has forecast that households that install a heat pump, rooftop solar and use an electric car would save $1,800 a year on energy bills. The Guardian
  • [New] Data showed U.S. employers hired far more workers than expected in July, the 19th straight month of payrolls expansion, with the unemployment rate falling to a pre-pandemic low of 3.5%. Reuters
  • [New] The evolving conversation will illuminate opportunities in Israel's tech realm for players who do not end up playing professionally and will be looking for good jobs, or for players who make it to the NBA who end up seeking investment opportunities. The Jerusalem Post
  • [New] The African Development Bank's African Economic Outlook 2022 emphasises that a just transition should mitigate the risks of locking Africa out of the green technology manufacturing value chain and should aim to increase Africa's share of green jobs. the weekly ledger
  • [New] The threat of a recession by the end of the year could see companies retaining more staff: 41% of workers told researchers they were more likely to stay in their current job and only 17% reported considering changing jobs in light of economic predictions. Personnel Today
  • [New] Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect employers to have added 250,000 jobs last month compared to 372,000 new jobs added in June. Markets Insider
  • [New] Through a special visa scheme, foreigners working remotely and their close family members will be able to reside in Spain for five years, and be eligible for a special tax regime with lower rates, paying Non-Resident Income Tax. Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News - FintechNewsCH
  • [New] There is hope - WHO's upcoming work should build the case for governments to act and enforce the International Code of Marketing Breast Milk Substitutes. NCD Alliance
  • [New] With the governmental demands for talent retention, departmental alignment and a focussed digital strategy, it will be no surprise to see open source continue to be adopted by the UK government and beyond. Open Access Government
  • [New] Three-quarters of tech workers stated that providing access to open source will help the UK government hire more software developers and engineers. Open Access Government
  • [New] The fossil fuel industry as a whole is not just another business, providing a service to meet a demand; it is a predatory drug dealer that works every day to keep the world addicted to its poisonous product, knowing full well that it will eventually prove fatal. The Guardian
  • [New] To prepare for the steady increase in electrified vehicles,, e-drive production in Leipzig will become even more extensive and flexible as early as 2023, with upcoming stages of the expansion programme creating further new jobs. Electric Cars Report
  • [New] 67% of employers say they plan to offer enhanced employee assistance programs in 2023, while 15% say they plan to make behavioral health care more affordable. Fortune
  • [New] Ascend Elements, a producer of advanced, sustainable battery materials made from recycled lithium-ion batteries, will invest $310M in Kentucky and create 250 full-time jobs in Christian County. Expansion Solutions
  • [New] The relocation of journalists makes the Latvian special services fear for the security of the Latvian information space and the intelligence risks associated with the interest of the special services Russians in the work of the media. ORATEAM
  • [New] The Yogi Adityanath government is bullish on the potential of the MSME and ODOP verticals to create employment opportunities, and actively contribute to achieving the ambitious goal of UP becoming India's first $trillion economy in the next few years. Texprocil
  • [New] Opportunities for Americans to develop expansive, in-depth experience by studying, working or living in China have helped seed the presence of China hands in the US government, private sector and academia. Yahoo Life
  • The project which is expected to be completed before the end of 2022, would create 170,000 jobs to help boost Nigeria's economy. Nairametrics
  • In China, economic activities are currently stagnant because of Covid-19 but demand for factory automation at production sites is increasing due to labor shortages caused by the low birth rate and ageing population, rising labor costs, and the risk of coronavirus spreading. Robotics & Automation News

Last updated: 07 August 2022