Anyone interested in the future of education can see what's likely coming next through our horizon scanning system.

Our service offers school children, college students, undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates a rapid way to learn how to think strategically and creatively, to practice their new skills and be rewarded with certificates of competence.

We offer:

  • Free public sites to academic institutions
  • A free Practical Foresight Guide on how to anticipate and prepare for the future
  • A comprehensive suite of strategic foresight and change management methods complete with descriptions of how to use them
  • Vocational training through on-site practice and certification of increasing skills
  • Online academic training integrated with our vocational training
  • Summer, Christmas and Easter workshops for students and faculty interested in studying particular topics using strategic foresight methods.
  • Interim voluntary assignments for those wishing to develop their skills

"I am a full time student at the ZHAW in Switzerland (Life Sciences and Facility Management). I have accessed your site as recommended by Professor Keith Alexander, one of our lecturers, and have found it an excellent resource that fellow students will benefit from.
Simon Ashworth - Institute of Facility Management (Switzerland)

  • "This platform has great potential for being of service to students, professionals and organizations here in America and through out the world; hopefully they will take advantage of the opportunity to utilize it."
    Rudolf Douglas United States

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