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WHAT'S NEXT?: Education will increasingly be online, just-in-time and competence-based. VR will become more mainstream in education technology. The vision of easily accessible learning will be enormously powerful and widespread in a few years. The global artificial intelligence market in the education sector will grow exponentially and post an impressive CAGR of over 39% by 2020.

  • [New] There are lessons to be learned from America to help lower the costs of running a fund which could help the UK become a leading jurisdiction for alternative investments in a post-Brexit world. CityAM
  • [New] UKAEA expects the final STEP site to be a significant new source of local employment, skills development, research, education and training for the local area in the coming decades. University of Glasgow
  • [New] The state of Victoria has announced that it will make consent education mandatory from an early age, and in July, Queensland state said education on sexual consent would both start earlier and be more explicit. The New York Times
  • [New] Mathematics teachers from China will support the teaching and learning of mathematics, and promote their approaches to the teaching of mathematics, in a network of Maths Hubs across England which are funded by the Department for Education. UK Government Website
  • [New] There is much sympathy for the plight of young Afghans who suddenly lost their hope for higher education and all the advantages that ensue from having a higher degree. University World News
  • [New] There are many ways that AI will transform the world such as AI will significantly impact many industries such as agriculture, education, healthcare, etc. techxella
  • [New] Over a third of employees cite 'continuous learning opportunities' as a basic requirement from an employer - and only 48% say their current employers meet their expectations in terms of skill development. News
  • [New] Beyond immediate settlement needs, Afghan evacuees will require a long period of assistance and many services - from basic housing and food assistance to education and employment. Brookings
  • [New] British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and WWF are seeking the public's help to search for walrus in thousands of satellite images taken from space, with the aim of learning more about how walrus will be impacted by the climate crisis. British Antarctic Survey
  • [New] Australia could create 395,000 new jobs and generate A$ 89 billion ($65 billion) in new trade by 2040 by investing in renewable hydrogen and ammonia, green steel and aluminium, critical minerals, battery manufacturing, education and training and engineering and consulting services. Reuters
  • [New] Smart Axiata, a Cambodian telecommunications company, in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), will establish digital education programs for children to continue education amid COVID-19.
  • [New] Opportunities and Barriers to Facilitating virtual exchange in K-12 Education in the US: Teachers became gatekeepers for virtual exchange programming in their respective schools. Stevens Initiative
  • [New] The greatest opportunity for global impact is to use technology to empower individuals themselves to learn better and to develop the skills and knowledge to be successful in a rapidly changing, globalised world, both in formal education and beyond. Tech Nation
  • [New] Child Abuse, Coronavirus, UK News, child abuse, corona virus hoax, experiment vaccines, mind control social engineering Parents have been warned by ministers that children could lose out on face-to-face learning unless the vaccine take-up improves. INFOCLASH NEWS
  • [New] Having access to a free private broadband network for learning, healthcare, access to job opportunities, and so much more will make a huge difference in people's lives. Fiercewireless
  • [New] In looking for ways to transform Montana's workforce development system, to advance opportunities for jobseekers with disabilities, and to improve participant engagement, it is worth considering valuable lessons learned by other service systems. Respect Ability
  • [New] The wave of legislation is an effort to take advantage of a health crisis to push an agenda that will weaken funding for public education and undermine the American promise to provide all students with a quality education. The Christian Science Monitor
  • The Global Refugee Crisis impacts youth disproportionately due to a lack of education and employment opportunities, as over half of the global refugee population is young people. Good Design
  • The disruption to education experienced by young people across the globe - estimated to be the biggest in history by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - left 1.6 billion people out of school. STAT
  • Ontario's government expected its softer mandates in health-care and education to lead to similarly high vaccination rates to what many universities reported when they set immunization requirements for students. iPolitics
  • Without a skilled workforce that can use its education and training to the fullest extent, countries will not be able to provide access to diagnostics that are appropriate for each level of care and achieve Universal Health Coverage. Scimex

Last updated: 20 October 2021