Security advisers

Security advisors can keep them themselves abreast of the latest strategic threats and remedies using our horizon scanning system.

Our private system helps Security Advisers (military, criminal and commercial) to use template-based, structured techniques to record open source intelligence (OSINT)*, analyze, monitor, share and report activity from their horizon scanning for emerging trends, weak signals and surprises. Among the capabilities, built to CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) tradecraft standards and beyond, are:

  • Automatic scanning, extraction and analysis from OSINT decentralized sources 
  • Private intelligence gathering from centralized SIGINT and HUMINT sources
  • Evidence-based reasoning, structured argument and taxonomies and collaborative analysis
  • Idea creation, hypothesis generation and testing
  • Iterative opportunity and risk assessment, scenario planning and options and indicator analysis
  • Future, current and historical challenge analysis
  • On-line mind-mapping, clustering and mega-clustering, cause and effect analysis
  • Consensual and deviant thinking systems including conflict management
  • Built-in early warning systems
  • Analyst productivity and skill certification systems 
  • Interagency, integration and innovation capabilities

Advisers can share intelligence with their associates behind closed doors, develop scenarios, simulate and analyze situations and determine best possible responses and the time to act.

"I have been in the business of using commercial Open source foresight to aid in the discovery of new and emerging science and technology that might impact the areas of defense and security for the past 10 years. The services provided by Shaping Tomorrow, and personally by Mike Jackson, have greatly influenced and shaped that process over the period. I have recommended this service to others within the Canadian government without reservation. The thoroughness of Shaping Tomorrow staff in providing tailored solutions to my needs and willingness to provide guidance were greatly appreciated. I continue to be a strong supporter and user of the site (and training, by means of Mike’s Practical Foresight Guide). I am looking forward to many years of collaboration with Shaping Tomorrow. By far and away, S.T. is the epitome of a commercial foresight operation.
Brian Staples, Intelligence Advisor S&T - Defense Research and Development (Canada)

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* "80% of what i needed to know as CINCENT I got from open sources rather than classified reporting. And, within the remaining 20%, if i knew what to look for, I found another 16% - Tony Zinni, CINCENT, US Central Command"