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  • [New] The UN Security Council and General Assembly are increasingly paying attention to climate risks and migration-related impacts on cities. New Security Beat
  • [New] The US Securities and Exchange Commission has assembled an enforcement task force to root out ESG-related misconduct such as embellishment or misstatements in disclosure of climate risks. The Straits Times
  • [New] The Chinese government for nearly a year has engaged in a campaign of scrutinizing large technology companies as it clamped down on financial and social issues ranging from unfair competition and what it sees as security risks in Chinese firms listing in the US.
  • [New] National security agencies under President Joe Biden's administration are making an aggressive public push against China, which some officials have called the greatest strategic threat to the United States. AP News
  • [New] The Securities and Exchange Board of India has already given its approval for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), which will create an opportunity worth Rs1.25 lakh crore in the coming years. Moneycontrol
  • [New] A shift to alternative protein production could help China tackle biodiversity loss and accelerate its journey to net zero, with co-benefits for other key global issues such as health outcomes and food security. China Dialogue
  • [New] Climate change is altering the strategic landscape and shaping the security environment, posing complex threats to the United States and nations around the world. Washington Post
  • [New] The IC has moderate confidence in the pace of decarbonization and low to moderate confidence in how physical climate impacts will affect US national security interests and the nature of geopolitical conflict, given the complex dimensions of human and state decisionmaking. Director of National Intelligence
  • [New] The Securities and Exchange Commission is working on a rule to require publicly traded companies to issue disclosures about their impact on and risks from climate change. American Banker
  • [New] Climate change will increasingly exacerbate a number of risks to U.S. national security interests, from physical impacts that could cascade into security challenges, to how countries respond to the climate challenge. The White House
  • [New] The presence of a US submarine and other military operations pose a threat to regional security in the South China Sea. Manila Standard
  • [New] The US intelligence community identifies 11 countries and two regions where energy, food, water and health security are at particular risk. BBC News
  • [New] If the Taliban can not control the situation in Afghanistan well, the turmoil in Afghanistan itself and ETIM can pose a threat to China's security. Newsweek
  • [New] Around the world, climate change poses disproportionate risks to the health, safety, and economic security of women and girls. U.S. Government
  • [New] Increasing temperatures; changing precipitation patterns; and more frequent, intense, and unpredictable extreme weather conditions caused by climate change are exacerbating existing risks and creating new security challenges for U.S. interests. beSpacific
  • [New] While screenwriters may take artistic license, increasing tensions over water availability is a very real security concern for US analysts and will only get worse if the world fails to address climate change. Breaking Defense
  • [New] By 2024, Gartner said it believes organizations adopting a cybersecurity mesh architecture will reduce the financial impact of security incidents by an average of 90%. ZDNet
  • [New] The Net-Zero Strategy sets out how the UK will secure 440,000 well-paid jobs and unlock near $125 billion in investment in 2030 on its path to ending its contribution to climate change by 2050.
  • [New] The threat of cyber security vulnerability and malicious cyber activity has become increasingly evident in recent years with about a quarter of reported cyber security incidents affecting critical infrastructure organizations. CoinTelegraph
  • [New] Role of UN Resolutions UN bodies such as the Security Council and General Assembly have increasingly debated climate risks and impacts. ReliefWeb

Last updated: 26 October 2021