Marketing folks use our full range of social changes listed in our horizon scanning system to exploit new ideas, white spaces, and newly emerging trends.

Marketers can exploit wider opportunities and reduce future risks through the use of the following methods while developing their customer programs.

  • Advantage: determine what might be done to gain an advantage?
  • Competition: understand what others will likely do?
  • Customers: figure how much white space opportunity is out there?
  • Inertia: assess what is the likely reaction rate of competitors?
  • Issue analysis: find new solutions out of differing viewpoints
  • Mindset: examine the prospective behavior of stakeholders
  • Positioning: decide how you will compete in future markets?
  • Product: analyze how much a new product will likely change the market?
  • STEEP: identify critical driving forces
  • Trend briefings: write high-level and/or in-depth assessments of what the future might hold for an issue.

If you don't believe us, here is why.

"Shaping Tomorrow provided the tools and expertise to quickly assimilate market information, identify key drivers and create multiple scenarios. We were able to identify many options to help steer the company and test our strategic plans."
Russell Trueman, Strategic Planning Manager - British Gypsum (United Kingdom)

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