Risk managers

Risk and regulation managers use our horizon scanning system to spot and track weak signals and emerging trends as well as examine potential surprises that will or could impact on their organization. These ready-made warnings along with others added by the risk manager can then be synthesized using best practice, future threat assessment and monitoring methods including:

  • Assumptions – research underlying uncertainties
  • Audit – assess an organizations current view of its future
  • Deception – identify false information
  • Debate – argue alternative positions
  • Devil's advocate – critique someone else’s analysis
  • Failure mode – perform single point of failure analysis
  • Reflections – take different stakeholder viewpoints
  • Surprise - identify and analyze potential disrupters
  • Shock Index – conduct forward risk analysis on countries, markets and products
  • Sustainability – determine if an initiative will help or harm society?
  • Resilience – assess agility and resistance to managing change

The collaborative underpinning of our system means that risk managers have best practice tools available and are ready to engage and enable their organizations to reduce threats and costs of failure earlier in the risk management cycle.

"Shaping Tomorrow provide an effective and powerful horizon scanning solution, which selects useful insights and delivers concise analyzes. Their tool facilitates the identification and analysis of potential future issues and trends which may impact the business and is beginning to inform risk management processes and key decision making in our company. [Comment from Kate Roberts, an ST blue-chip client]"

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