Planners use our horizon scanning system to anticipate and prepare for new challenges.

Through a series of unique, ready-made collaborative and integrated templates we help you to robustly describe the challenges you face, understand what’s coming and how you might overcome your challenges, survey stakeholders in real-time for their ideas, model the issue,
develop alternative strategies, choose the best option and continuously monitor and adapt to change.

Strategic foresight projects which used to take 3-6 months and required much facilitation and consultation can now be done in 2-3 days using our collaborative, electronic systems. These are designed to reduce the drudgery of program management and personnel and project changes to a minimum and to maximize thinking time.

The digital, interactive tools we employ use a logical structure to lead the planner/policy maker from the setting up of a robust strategic question through to making the decision(s) based on sound evidence and reasoning and evaluation of the success or otherwise of the exercise as follows:

Set up > Investigate > Assess > Imagine > Prioritize > Predict > Decide > Evaluate

  • Set up: plan your response to answering a key question
  • Investigate: interview stakeholders, conduct automated literature review, write up the findings
  • Assess: determine the value and significance of the findings
  • Imagine: develop new ways to tackle the issue
  • Prioritize: determine importance and rank the issues
  • Predict: project alternative futures and possible options
  • Decide: determine which option is the chosen route forward
  • Evaluate: conduct a post project review of the participants views on the project’s success

We also provide the ability for planners to produce newsletters, distribute trend reports and run strategy and change workshops with or without our help

"The Shaping Tomorrow workshop was incredibly valuable in demonstrating the potential use of the integrated foresight, strategy and change tools - I am impressed with how widely the tools can be applied to our daily work and how the systematic approach ensures that we cover-off areas we perhaps wouldn't think of including in our analysis. I really like its systematic approach and the fact that it can be used in diverse areas such as policy formulation, forecasting, provision of advice to senior levels of government etc.
Raana Asgar – Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Australia)

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