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Why us?

Shaping Tomorrow is the world’s first, multi-award winning, and only AI-driven, systems thinking model that delivers strategic foresight and anticipatory thinking in real-time.

We will assist you to master predictive and real-time intelligence to support ‘making better decisions today’ for your future successes. We do this through logical and empirical analysis, holistic, systemic understanding with a strong dose of imagination and value.


We help move you and your organization towards predictive, scenario, and prognosis-based decision-making by enabling you to successfully anticipate and prepare for emerging change. With an entirely automated service, we deliver real-time foresight analysis at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional consultancies.


With a daily scanning of 34,000+ future-orientated professional news and expert sources, our interdisciplinary and curated research spans social, technological, economic, environmental and political emerging change. We boast the largest, instantly searchable, unique Forecasts database (300,000+) backed by evidence from Insights (300,000+) combining breadth and depth of content coupled with our visible community of over 2,000 international strategists, futurists, and change agents.


We offer over 100 robust thinking methods and systematic techniques for spotting and responding to emerging change ahead of competitors. Our self-service, digital consultancy platform helps you to define, gather, analyze, prioritize and distribute forward intelligence about products, customers, competitors, policies, strategies and your environment.


You receive instant, seamless, personalized, and condensed (Twitter style), hyper-relevant content, inductive and deductive scenarios, prognosis and predictions, a systematic suite of strategic decision-making tools, self-development, virtual collaboration tailored to your needs.


We assist over 19,000 members from 150 + countries and 7000 + organisations. We have significant experience working with and advising international executives, government policy makers and NGOs. Our global research team has doctorate-level, academic and professional, strategic foresight qualifications, science, and socioeconomic backgrounds and is used to working in multi-disciplinary teams with clients. And, we have a long history of implementing award-winning transformations of previously underperforming companies.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us using the message box below.