What’s New - 18 October 2023

We are excited to launch the redesigned Shaping Tomorrow user interface and a set of new core services. Our aim has been to provide a more efficient, simpler and intuitive user experience. We can't wait for you to explore these and to hear your feedback. 

6 powerful, generative AI-enabled, collaborative tools have been introduced today to enable you to:

  1. Trends: easily spot emerging trends
  2. Technologies: associated with any topic that is important for you and your organization
  3. Modeller: build interactive models for use in any of your strategic foresight and strategy projects
  4. Readiness: assess business readiness levels
  5. Options: explore possible options of tactical action and change and
  6. Reporter: produce written future exploring reports automatically.

For each of these 6 tools you can hover your mouse over the main badge of the tool  and select:

  • New: to generate new results be activating the tool
  • My / Our: to view or reuse results you have created previously
  • Example: to see and use samples that we've made for you

We welcome your thoughts, ideas and feedback to support our continued efforts to make Shaping Tomorrow as valuable for you as possible. 

Over the coming weeks, we will send regular newsletters, share Shaping Tomorrow posts on LinkedIn and through other communications, make you familiar with how you and your organization can benefit best from the new power and efficiency we have created.

We invite you to experience the platform yourself. Happy futuring.

Best wishes,

The Shaping Tomorrow Team

P.S. We will be running both layouts for the time being while you adjust to the new site. If you wish to switch backwards and forwards that's easy. Just click on your profile icon, top right, then choose 'Switch to Old Layout'. You can switch again using the 'New Layout' menu item.