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Four Global ChatGPT Scenarios

Athena @ ST 16 February 2023

This video looking at the the potential futures of this newly emerging topic was created by Mike Jackson using Shaping Tomorrow with ChatGPT and
What is changing?

The video construction took less than one hour to produce and only about 30 minutes of his time! Mike could have done more research as he used to do over several days manually, but as a starter he found it easy to do and very thought-provoking. We hope you do too.

One thing the robots at Shaping Tomorrow and ChatGPT did not really pick up on is opportunities for employment growth in their analysis. Job losses are forecasted and mention is made of increased assistance from GPT apps, however, I think we will see drudgery type jobs drop, but be replaced by more efficient, effective and enjoyable employment in many sectors. The likelihood is that many new jobs will be created such as GPT trainers and digital content-makers, Al-driven artists, ethicists and in security/military arenas. Let's hope so.

How Mike did this:

  1. He asked Shaping Tomorrow's robot, Athena, to give him all her extracted forecasts on the future of GPT and Generative Text from her database of 1.8 million verbatim forecasts. She found 150+ forecasts about GPT and Generative Text in seconds, and in priority order.

  2. He selected the most relevant eight of the top twelve prioritized forecasts and clicked ChatGPT against each to gather the associated implications. (he used another linked app to upgrade ChatGPT's answers to real time). Time taken: about five minutes.

  3. He copied his selection in text form over to almost instantly.

  4. He deleted, modified, or reordered the text in a quarter of an hour separating out the four scenarios. He could, in future, get Shaping Tomorrow to create the scenario splits automatically. The same with CLA, 3 Horizons, Cynefin, SWOT, PEST etc.

  5. went to work and assembled the text with associated images in a few seconds, and presented him with the first draft of the video with the voiceover.

  6. He topped and tailed it with previously made standard text and images.

  7. He ran the Pictory Preview several times and made adjustments.

  8. Finally, he clicked Generate and went for a cup of coffee and a break. When he returned he downloaded the video to his PC.