What’s New - 27 April 2021

We are delighted to introduce this first-of-a-kind, near real-time, world outlook, gleaned from over 75,000 sources including 200,000 experts, professional organizations, and pundits, making it a truly global analysis with a high confidence level.

The World Outlook is a balanced scorecard of metrics and text drawn from the Shaping Tomorrow database, on any topic with the following elements:

  • The latest identified driving forces in text form including a dropdown of What's Next, Trends, Uncertainties, and Surprises and a link to a page of related questions. Parameter: Latest twenty
  • An at-a-glance, emoji representation of how the experts feel about the state of the future. Parameter: Last two months
  • A regional world map of where emerging change is happening. Parameter: Last five years forecasts
  • A word cloud of the key organizations that can be switched to keywords, people, sectors, countries, cities and feeds. Parameter: Last five years forecasts
  • A radar chart of the top emerging topics with drop-down capabilities to SWOT level analyses. Parameter: Last five years forecasts
  • A donut representation including the S-Curve, Scenarios, PEST, CLA and 3 Horizons foresight methods indicating the breakdown of each methods’ classification:Parameter: Last five years forecasts
  • A timeline of lagging and leading indicators by selected timeframe. Parameter: Last five years forecasts and all future forecasts

The charts are updated daily, currently with around 1,000 new forecasts added per day,

The initial World Outlook page is free to use.  Further, more detailed analyses of the world outlook on any topic through the use of the Publish and Export capabilities require a subscription that can be purchased for just $99.

Happy Futuring
The Shaping Tomorrow team