01 December 2020


Published Reports

We are now offering an Option for 'Basic' slides that takes just 1 minute to run. 

We have added two new slides on Resources and the Economy by popular request to the full Publish reports.


3 new dropdowns beneath the Driving Forces title allow clients to see instantly created scenarios on any topic.


We have added an 'Upgrade' button to the top-nav. 


Improvements to Athena, our AI robot’s, forecast extraction capabilities have doubled her productivity. That has resulted in a 50% increase in accepted forecasts. We continue to work on increasing Athena’s efficiency and effectiveness and towards zero-editing and real time extraction.

Athena can now also add subtopics from Insight titles, rather than just from verbatim forecasts, thus improving metadata collection and editing speed.

She is also adding missing countries to verbatim forecasts where these are mentioned in the following sentence thus saving considerable editing time.

Next steps

We are adding: 

  • "Follow" and "Message" features in Network 

  • A new 'S-Curve' classification: Weak/emerging/maturing/declining in graphical form

  • A Hope vs Fear index over time

  • Cross-tabulation

  • Scenarios visualisation

And continuing to build a Participatory Foresight Network.

Happy futuring,
The Shaping Tomorrow team