What’s New – 6 October 2020

We are delighted to announce the biggest transformation of Shaping Tomorrow since we began using AI in September 2013.

New simplified homepage

Site Navigation
Site navigation has been dramatically improved and now is designed to offer each service in the sequence most used by our members and clients


  • We have renamed Challenges to Scans
  • Subscribers can now Publish full slide presentations on the future of any topic in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee
  • Published slides are automatically added as saved Scans and can be edited
  • New graphics and text analysis have been added to Published slides
  • We have eliminated the need for over 500 buttons through combining these in the new Publish capability thus making the service far more intuitive
  • Everyone can now view all our pre-made scans
  • Our graphical analysis now runs far faster, and the number of records used vastly increased
  • We have introduced ‘stemming’ to search queries which means singular word stems get pluralised without the need for an asterisk
  • We have begun creating a public, participatory foresight network to discuss best ways forward
  • A new Help facility now includes Live Clinics (Online calendar for arranging demos and training) and Live Chat


  • The service now includes a comprehensive learn function including existing ST training materials, our first online course, and links to the best foresight links on the web
  • Clients can now see the scenarios behind the drivers with just one click
  • In background we continue to work towards zero-editing and to improve Athena’s capabilities
  • The Refine section now contains all the controls to expand or narrow member searches
  • Pricing: We have reduced the cost of the service to make the site more affordable to SMEs, and our clients.

Next Steps:

  • Development of Participatory Foresight capabilities
  • Towards zero-editing
  • More learning opportunities

Happy futuring,
The Shaping Tomorrow team