What's New - Q2 2020

10 June

  • Added a facility for members to select to receive monthly or quarterly email communications instead of the fortnightly newsletters.

5 June

  • Added a mechanism for clients to export the list of Driving Foreces by clicking the number in the title row.

4 June

  • Bias: Added an experimental analysis of organizations recently accused of prejudice especially in a way considered to be unfair in the spreadsheet analysis. 
  • Ethics: Added an experimental spreadsheet analysis of moral principles contained in forecasts.

4 May

  • Changed the way the Shaping Tomorrow logo works on the website, whereby there are now revolving strap-lines to reflect our growing multiple offerings to members 

23 April

  • Added a new page of Challenges: 'Future technologies'
  • Added facility for clients to add pictures for their Challenge pages easily by integrating seamlessly with Pixabay

22 April

  • Added facility for clients to set up daily alert emails

7 April:

  • Quick Tour video has been updated

31 March:

  • Bug fixes
  • Moved to release developments when ready rather than bundling up into larger announcements