What's New - 21 February 2019

Solutions: We promised to improve the new Solutions facility following the last release. We have now linked the Solutions to our Ideate method allowing you to work alone or collaboratively to add a project, determine which solutions could be adopted by your organization and to rank your ideas efficiently and effectively.

Organizations: Behind the scenes we have continued to improve our organizations database, again, as promised.

Following last week’s successful major launch, we have put-live several enhancements suggested by members:

CLA: Thanks to Sohail Inayatullah, our CLA Lead facilitator, for suggesting all of our foresight methods should change from uploading general images to metaphorical representations that express current and future worldviews. We have added suggested links to find these in the ‘Learn More’.

Three Horizons: Thanks to Patricia Lustig, our new 3 Horizons lead facilitator, for the many improvements she had made to this method and its visual imagery. As a result, we have begun improving the initial imagery of all our methods.

Basic Systems Map: Diana Stafie pointed out that the basic 'Systems map' sometimes couldn't find the topic she was searching on. This has now been fixed and extended to include longer Boolean strings. A long-term known issue has finally been cracked.

Bug fixes: We are grateful to Robin Jourdain for her eagle eye and spotting several minor bugs. These have now been fixed.

Do please let us know if you come across any. We would appreciate that.

Happy futuring

The Shaping Tomorrow team