What’s New - 23 November 2018

New Forecasts' newsletter facility
This new facility allows clients to quickly produce themed newsletters that highlight new forecasts that link to the original evidence. It’s designed for quick production and viewer reading avoiding time spent on dense articles and reports unless of interest. Do contact us if you would like to create similar newsletters.

New graphic chart for Challenges
We are pleased to provide a new visualization on the Challenges pages. The new chart appears above the existing Challenges links. It compares the relative Intensity (Strength) versus the likely Tipping Point (when a new paradigm is accepted by 33% of the public).

You can prioritize by seeing which Challenges are likely to be the most impactful and arrive first versus weaker the ones with possibly longer arrival times.

New SWOT bar chart 
We have also improved the SWOT analysis with a new histogram comparing each criteria on any selected topic. At a global level, it’s interesting to note that Strengths and Opportunities are far higher in comparison to Weaknesses and Threats despite the many uncertainties and concerns being expressed right now.

Expansion of Snapshot 
These have been expanded to include our latest metadata:

Cloud tab in text tools
This new feature analyses your and your associates’ tool input and represents the most mentioned of all your interests. Athena can then use a search string of these mentions to create a spreadsheet of likely emerging opportunities and threats you may have missed. 

Happy futuring,
The Shaping Tomorrow team