Press Release - 15 March 2018 almost doubles the power of its horizon scanning software with the latest release of its AI-driven strategic foresight system.

Shaping Tomorrow the world’s first digital consultancy has completely redeveloped its User Interface. It is now possible for anyone to know the likely future of their interest topic in Twitter style, text and visual analytics in minutes. At the same time, the visual analytics have been extended and improved to make it possible for hidden emerging trends, uncertainties, and surprises embedded in web links and social media to be revealed instantly to the naked eye.

Founder, Dr. Mike Jackson says that Shaping Tomorrow’s robot, Athena, was previously doing the work of 1,200 market and futures researchers but this has been increased to over 2,000 with this release. “Athena is now able to do far more than humans could ever hope to do in the precious time they have available”, he said. Jackson also says, "Clients can see more of the emerging future, faster and more deeply than ever before and respond collaboratively in hours compared to the traditional, expensive, consultancy methods that take months and sometimes years to realize. Our consultant associates feel it gives them a real edge against their lesser-enabled rivals and our clients love its immediacy, constancy, depth and breadth.  They all think it’s amazing.”

Athena’s capable of extracting verbatim forecasts at the rate of 2000 per week from 16,500+ professional, future reporting, sources added by futurists, clients and the self-learning robot herself. She analyses these forecasts to create future-focused summaries, themed narratives, and chronologies and automated scenarios. Plus, she can display the emerging future on any topic in the form of radar and pie charts, clouds, sentiment analysis, trend graphs, geo-maps etc. She can even extract verbatim questions about possible futures from the web and social media and offer potential wisdom in the form of basic answers. Shaping Tomorrow is busy extending this capability to make the answers instant and full too.

The multi-award-winning robot is multi-lingual, Omni-channelled and is being trained through her new chatbot facilities to be a real-time, digital coach, personal assistant, and online educator. "We see Athena as any strategists, risk or innovation managers digital companion, says Jackson, "able to dramatically boost their productivity and subsequent effectiveness of their decision-making without the loss of any human jobs."

About Shaping Tomorrow

Shaping Tomorrow (ST) has pioneered creating a digital foresight strategy consultancy sine 2002. It now plays host to 70 clients and partners from all sectors including commercial companies, not-for profits and major governments. ST has 10,000 members. They can search on over 240,000 eclectic, machine generated forecasts to see the likely future of any interest topic in seconds and to develop their collaborative response in a future hours.

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