What's New - 15 March 2018

Simplified front page

We have reduced the number of buttons on the pre and post-registration homepage to reduce complexity for you but retain all capabilities by better design.

Center-panel controls
The center-panel has also been re-designed to offer an at-a-glance and single table to view the future of any search term. It now brings to the forefront our textual and visual summaries of your interest topics future and also now highlights our unique, automated scenarios capability. Strategic foresight projects can be quickly started from the scenarios or whenever the​ sign appears. Collaborative responses to emerging change can now be undertaken in a few hours compared to the weeks and months of traditional research projects.

New Topics map
We have replaced the original third-party topics map with a new resolvable, and simple‘System map’ that uses our own underlying knowledge map more effectively.

The advanced ‘System map’ button produces a comprehensive, knowledge map that shows how an interest topic is connected to everything else.

This is work in progress and we expect to improve its navigation and representation in the weeks and months ahead. As always, your ideas for improvement will be very welcome.

Top sources

By popular request we have now provided a listing of top sources used to create the forecasts.

Left-hand navigation

Contexts, Dimensions, Contrasts and Alternatives have now been moved from the left-hand navigation bar to the center-panel table to bring all related content to a search term into one place. This has simultaneously simplified the left-hand navigation bar (see image above).

New server
We have switched to a new server that has brought you a 4-fold speed improvement.

New newsletter
We are retiring old Trend Alert and weekly newsletters in favour of a combined and modernized publication. This will launch at the same time as the release of our new website on 15 March 2018.

You can still ask us to provide a private and customized newsletter to meet your organizational needs.

'Credibility' link
We have never had a problem with Fake News but in the past two years we have been working with OpenSources to pre-audit the veracity of our 16000+ sources in background and to maximise professionally curated content. Now we are also making this an open process for all member to report any dodgy link they may see in our service. Please do help us and OpenSources when you see what you consider a dodgy source.

We will reply to your observation and work with OpenSources to add truly dodgy sources to their database.

In background
Athena is reviewing more sources (16,000+) each week than ever before, and will likely add 100,000 new forecasts this year. That’s a 40% increase year-on-year.

At the same time, we are improving her quality and our editing efficiency to keep our costs ultra-low for you.

Athena is now doing the equivalent work of 2000+ professional researchers.

Next steps
Expect to see the following enhancements in the next few weeks all designed to see emerging futures faster than ever before:

  • More standardization and improvements to our existing visual representations
  • New tabbed visualizations to further speed your work
  • New visualizations of the future (heat map, emerging cities pushpin map)
  • Ability to see opportunities and risks separately in both textual and visual form

Happy futuring,
The Shaping Tomorrow team